Two Places At One: An Amazing Road Trip To Cebu’s Highest Waterfalls, Mantayupan Falls And Unexpected Refreshing Resto Along The Road To Carcar, Cebu

When somebody is trying to bring you down they have a problem in their own life and they have their own motivations to do so. You can only feel sorry for somebody like this. And it’s not for you to judge or opinion right or accuse or say anything bad back to them just except it and move don it’s the safest way and it stops the arguments.

In the midst of my emotional distress a friend of mine is struggling a problem and want to forget it for the meantime. As a saying goes everything happens for a reason, then we’re on a road trip nowhere. It was late in the morning when we decided to go to the south of Cebu. While we’re on her scooter, I’m thinking of a good place to visit to refresh both our minds. We’re busy talking when suddenly Matayupan falls pop up in my mind. It’s not too very far from the mainland to take a quick dip and enjoy the scenery going to the falls. We came up for an agreement going to the falls. In 2 hours we arrive in Cebu’s highest waterfalls.


Entance fee is 40 php and 20 php for parking fee.

Before we reach our destination, we went to Carcar’s market to buy half kilo of lechon (roasted pig) and hanging rice (poso in local) for our lunch. We even bought a crispy pork skin called “chicharon”for snack. Finger food is the most convenient if your traveling to save time as well as it’s hassle free.

Mantayupan Falls


Enjoying Mantayupan Falls Spectacular View


The Entrance


Heading to the hanging bridge


Lunch time with San Mig Flavor


Nature heals our broken soul


Unexpected Refreshing Resto Along The Road To Carcar, Cebu

On our way home, we did not expect what we found along the road of Carcar, Cebu.


Chek out Lukee’s Milk Station


I only spent 25php for this view


Cheerio my friend, thanks for this wonderful road trip. 



Complacency and Climbing At Mt. Pangasugan


Happy climber as we start the trail along the fluvial stream of Mt. Pangasugan.

Hi everyone I’m still alive! And it”s good to be alive 🙂 On my last expedition e.g mountain climbing, @Mt.Pangasugan I had an accident. I was the 4th person of 12 people in the group which was scaling a very rocky and treacherous terrain when I had my accident. To my shagreen I discovered there was a camouflage rock which decided to give me a journey of a lifetime. I stepped upon it then discovered myself plummeting towards the rock with my face. 😦 This is when a miracle happened, I felt like somebody had grabbed me and twisted me so I landed on my side. However there was nobody in my vicinity to make this happen. I found myself on a wicked toboggan ride with no control. I was bless and very lucky for my backpack to become a land anchor. My backpack acted like a grappling hook and it retarded my descend. After I had stopped this extraordinary descend, my friends came to my aid. At this time my body is surging with adrenaline which counteracted the pain I was in. I was also in shock and awe. Then I got on too my feet. I look up at the mountain and I was feeling very intimidated.


This is where I fall! About 10-20 meters free fall.

I have learn a lesson and I now have the utmost respect for any mountain climbing and hiking trails no matter the skill level required. After taking a 15 minute rest spell we continue our journey. My reflection on climbing and hiking has been change forever. Every time I look at my broken phone I reflect and think this could been my face and not the phone.



I also had in my left arm and left part of my chest and stomach.

Full blog is up soon. If you’re interested to climb Mt. Pangasugan, the best person to contact is Mr. Rhyan Baldicana, contact no.  09753882919. (Or contact thru Facebook)

If you can’t reach Mr. Baldicana, see the additional contact person.

Boy Noy Calatrava- President Of Farmers Organization -09362966465 and additional guide- 09651844446 – Mr. Filbert















Mist Of Tinubdan Falls In Catmon Cebu

Suddenly a mist fell from my eyes and I knew that this day will be a great day to start a wonderful journey. It was an exciting Saturday morning when my colleagues from my previous job invited me to go for an adventure. Our main host Laarni,brought her red Toyata Vios for the convenience of our trip. Because they consider me as a travel junkie, I am assign to choose our destination. They fetch me at my work place and bought a mcdonalds for our breakfast. 

It was already late in the morning when we decided to go north since traveling in south will take time because of the traffic. Everyone is expecting for a waterfall adventure so we choose to go to Catmon and chase Tinubdan falls. This waterfall went viral last year because of its unique formation. The waterfall is not accessible for everyone. Its location is 15 kilometer from the main road. The road going there is narrow and there is an area that needs precaution.

It took more than 3hrs to reach our destination because we had our short stop @Danao City, an hour away from Catmon. When we reach the corner where we had our left turn heading to the waterfalls the road was challenging. There were several stops because we need to ask some locals where is the waterfalls.


We found a picturesque landscape to take group photos in the middle of the mountains. The concrete road was very challenging because it will only fit two vehicles. When we finally reach our destination we need to walk. It was a 15 minute hike going to the waterfalls. When we heard the stream everyone got excited. We were hungry when we finally arrive. Instead of going to the waterfalls we prepare our lunch first. 

I am on my bikini and head first to the waterfalls. My companion took some videos for me before we hang out together and have fun swimming. The waterfalls were very refreshing and relaxing. There are lots of photogenic angles to take some photos. There are some people as well having a great time together with us.


The good thing about Tinubdan falls is its location. Less crowded and the place is very clean because the owner live nearby. The tourism wanted to promote and seek for changes in the place but the owner don’t like to destroy and sell his property. I commend him for preserving the place since it is also one of the main water sources of the community. 

We decided to go home around 3 in the afternoon. Everyone was pretty tired. We were able to drop by at the near beach resort which is called Km 46 and had a great time taking good photos.

We also need to rest because my friend who’s driving got tired. It was a great and exhausting adventure going out with the girls. I’m very delighted that they like our trip and we decided to do this again once everyone is available in the future. Happy travel!

How To Get There:

  • catmon

    Applicable to those who have vehicle: we look for this intersection, specifically JM Poultry to have our left turn going to brgy Tabili. Where Tinubdan Falls is located. We kept on asking locals going to the waterfalls. You may drop at this point and look for a motorcyle (habal-habal) to reach the waterfalls. (Leave No Trace, mga laagan) 🙂


Only For An Open Minded Hiker: By Bisaya Traveler Unprejudice Open Trail

I was surfing the internet one day and discovered a Blogger that made a huge difference to my blogging and it kick-started my own life of travel too. Thanks to The Bisaya Traveler.

Then finally the day come I met Aldrich. He invited me twice and I was not able to join them in his first invitation because I’ve got sick. This time I’m all up to his adrenaline open-minded trail. Our destination is to reach Mt New Bucao in Toledo in a different route. When you join Aldrich hiking adventure you should be punctual and prepared. I found him a little bit intimidating at first because he looks shy and preserves. Together with us are his usual hiking buddies. It seems to me that he likes hiking with a specific number of companions.

We reach the starting point 2 hours from the mainland. The weather was good and we prepared our things and bought some food. We need to take a motorcycle from the market going to the jump-off. For a complete itinerary of our journey please visit Aldrich blog.


Photo credits: Thanks Aldrich, this is an insanely amazing view on top.

The starting of the trail was easy and we are not really exposed from the heat of the sun. However, along the trail was too hot and tiring. I forgot my cap that can cover my face from the heat of the sun. The elevation of the mountain was getting higher and tougher. This made me realize that joining Aldrich adventure is not an easy peasy trail.


This is my favorite photogenic part of the trail. We were lost for a moment and we were able to cope up. Thanks to our awesome guide!

He brought a Go-Pro and a DSLR camera. In the middle of the trail, we found a photogenic spot to take photos and take a rest as well eat our lunch. There were times that we were lost but Aldrich was able to manage it.  Now I understand why he said that “are you an open-minded hiker?” Because he loves exploring places and creates his own trail. We reach our final destination around 3pm. I take my time exploring the school of Mt. New Bucao and talk with some kids playing at the ground. We took some snacks before we finish the whole trail.


They found love, Aldrich and his usual hiking buddy.


My usual buddy, Makky and his first tough hiking here in Cebu.


Amazing view on top!

The whole experience with Aldrich adventure was tough and tiring. I learn new techniques and I found him enchanting. His passion for what he’s doing is inspiring and full of fun because he has good friends with him along the trail. He is very passionate and humble. It was an honor to meet him in person. Now it hit me that we really won’t know who will influence and inspire us as we go along for our passion in life.


Bisaya Traveler with the squad!

To get to more about BisayaTraveler you will find him through his website.

Happy Travels! Here’s my photo’s in Mt New Bucao, photo credits (Bisaya Traveler)



Insidious Cancer Survivor, Breast Cancer

This amazing woman which is 87 yrs old is a survivor of breast cancer, for the last 21 years. In today’s life we all take for granted the medical Technology and the abundance of drugs that keep us healthy. Today I was privilege to listen to a conversation with this person speaking about breast cancer and being a survivor for such a long time, and how grateful she is to be walking on the earth today. She spoke about the blessings of still being alive today as well as expressing herself in such a positive way. Exclaiming the point of view of a lot of people today how we think we are hardly done by, such as all the first world problems as such as what color IPhone I should buy. Considering there are thousands and millions of people struggling today to have three basic meals and hot and cold running water as well as shelter to live in. These people are also survivors. We should keep the battles we can and adjust to the toxic world we are living in right now. And keep a positive outlook on life!


Stretching My Legs In Mindanao

We were knackered when the plane landed in General Santos International Airport. It was my first time when I visited Mindanao, the second largest island in the Philippines. The Philippines is composed of three main islands, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.


Mindanao is the southernmost island. Among the three main islands, Mindanao is regarded as having the warmest temperature with an average of 29 Celsius during summer months. Mindanao is home to three sultanates: Maguindanao, Maranao and Sulu. Ethnic lumad or ethnic tribal groupings comprise a sizeable portion of the population. (source)

If you plan to visit Mindanao I would suggest that its mandatory to do your research about the city or municipality. For all of my friends which is Caucasians, as well as African American there will be places in Mindanao that should be totally restricted and very dangerous for you. However if you are a Filipino you will be able to blend in perfectly fine. You will need to obey all the requirements of the law eg., military check-points, police check points and curfews. Due to the curfew you are unable to purchase foods or products such as, food, water etc. So it would an excellent idea to stock up some emergency supplies, such as cup noodles, chippies, snacks, a can of beer etc.

Dole Farm facing Mt Matutum @ Polomolok General Santos


The vast expense of this pineapple farm is amazing with the backdrop of the volcano. I was excited to take some photos as well as the tricycle fare was only PHP 15 to get here.

Tupi Blooming Sunflower

I was ecstatically happy since yellow is my favorite color. I felt like a princes while I was walking around admiring all the photogenic options I had in the farm.


Lake Holon & Mt Melibengoy/Mt Parker


Morning shot crystal blue sky, I was amazed at the true colors of the lake and the sky.


Oh nana nanay Maria, it sounds like a song doesn’t it? Truly this person was a fantastic guide explaining traditions as well as their own personal Filipino dialect. The price to hire a guide is PHP 600 for 5 people. This money helps to support her family’s education. There are 60 guides on this mountain and you be will chosen in order of rank so you may not meet my friend. Other extenuated fees such as, motor tricycle will be PHP 450 for two people going to the mountain and PHP 350 return to the mainland. Government fees/tourism tax is subject to change, approximately PHP 300 each. There is an option to hire a porter for your things and that’s PHP 20 peso per kilo. Please give a tip!

T’Boli Homestay, School of Living Tradition

This was something I learn about in school. Seeing the traditional style of dress, clothing and musical instruments made my heart sing, seeing everything in real life is so much more exciting and real world life encompassing experience.


Lake Sebu’s Lotus Blooming Flower

“MTG” Black Lotus?. The real world has a Pink Lotus.


To witness a pink lotus you are required to be at Lake Sebu before 9 am. I had mix emotions because of the time of the day being early in the morning. As well as riding a small boat for the first time ever. My quest was to identify the pink lotus! Now it was time to use my Mystic powers to transform myself and blend into the background of the pink lotus flowers just like a chameleon. With my dress from Australia given from a family friend.


Evalandia Lake Vista, Facing Lake Sebu, Mt. Apo & Mt Parker

This is the name of the resort Evalandia Lake Vista. This establishment is very picturesque, its amenities are restobar, cottages, and picnic area. Entrance fee is PHP 30.


I had a great posing for some photos and enjoying the comfortable environment and setting.


Lake Sebu 7 Waterfalls, Level 1

When I was standing and watching the first level of Lake Sebu’s 7 waterfalls, my hearing was crashed by the amount of noise as well the ferocity of the water.


Lake Sebu 7 Waterfalls, Level 2: Wearing TBoli’s Traditional Clothing

As I was striding out of the souvenir shop. Then I approached the viewing deck in the traditional outfit of indigenous people. I felt like I was time shifting back into the past. We had an awesome opportunity taking photos instructed by the T’Boli kids.


Lake Sebu Zipine, Highest Zipline In The Country

Before you go on this zipline have some spare underwear. The reason, you have to sign a waiver just in case you plummet 180 meters to your death. Costing PHP 350. My objective is to get to the landing side without embarrassing myself too much. Right now there is only jungle that I can see and my objective is to land safely then explore. As well as receive my professional photos. Please take USB drive or prepare yourself to get a CD with your pictures in it, inclusive fee.


Pink Mosque

Do you guys like creepy stuff? Because today we went to the Pink Mosque, where there was a massacre of 58 people killed ten years ago.


My friend and I was surprise to learn that the pink mosque was design and developed by the mayor who is female. By the way, pink is her favorite color. This is one place a Filipino could come to but not advice for Foreigners because of the poverty and the inherent danger.


Grand Mosque In Cotabato City

This is a lovely city but it intimated me because of the bombing which was happening at that time. The community is 80-90% Muslim and I felt like I was a stranger in this city. I discovered my dietary needs a different to this community. So if you do come here bring a good supply of food that you like and be prepared for their curfew, this means you will unable to buy a food even though you wanted to.

This Mosque was sponsored by the Sultan of Brunei. It’s value was approximately PHP 300 million. Dress requirements are different from what I expected you are required to wear an appropriate clothing which you can rent. Please be diligent and respectful. I enjoy taking some photos with my phone,using a timer.


Asik-asik Falls

Traveling from Midsayap and going to Alamada cost PHP 1200 for two people. This was a two hour journey, I would suggest that you take protective clothing against dusk from the motorcycle considering 65% is surface and the other is not.


Today I was sitting on a big rock, not being a chameleon. I was admiring a very vast wall of water cascading down into the depths. On this stinking hot day I had stripped down into my bikini allowing the feathery waterfalls mists to caress my body. And allowing me to admire the rainbow hue at the same time.


Lovin my content? If you have questions please feel free to send me a message or put your comments below. Cheers!



Bohol Summer Spree

An opportunity occurs and it gets knocked out of  spark, when my Chinese student visit Cebu again for the second time. With this fortuitous event we will be able to travel Bohol together. I use to teach my friend Co-Co English in my previous job.  This was such a pleasant circumstance, considering the last time Co-Co and went to Bohol. I knew she was heading back to China. Hence this would be my last trip to Bohol this year.

When Co-Co asks me to make plans an organize the itinerary for their Bohol trip, I was ecstatic. I love sharing beautiful places with my friends especially Bohol. I made a power point presentation too. The reason was I needed to break down the costing and explain that some of the itinerary is not flexible when it comes to pricing, all so specific venues only open at set times. So, it’s very important to be punctual and on time. That is if your going to be successful in getting tickets because the line up for these attractions are very lengthy. In my power point I used all my own photos. My reasoning is I needed to make them understand that I have been there and done this all before. So, they are able to trust in me to give them an awesome outing

Coco, my old student agreed to almost all venue’s that I’ve suggested. Their top 3 are, Chocolate Hills, Man-made forest and Virgin Island. To make this happen we went to a ticketing branch to buy our tickets ahead of time to make sure that we can manage our time properly. As I have spoken about before in my travels, that this is imperative to do if you will get the ticket you want and the right time as well. Tickets fly out of the ticket counter very fast and I am sure you do not want to be disappointed waiting for a boat 5 hours later. Screwing up all your hard work planning the trip. Our group had to alter its tickets. This will cost a fee of 50 PHP if the boat is still there. If it gone you will pay 100 PHP per ticket just like we did. We altered our time because someone was running late. We took Ocean Jet and it cost 500 PHP for tourist tickets, 100 PHP for altering our time.


It was a gloomy afternoon when we arrived, we had to manage our time properly because we did some changes due to unexpected circumstances for this trip. Our private vehicle was already waiting in the port, our rental van cost P3200 for the half day including drop off in Panglao for our accommodation. We ask to change the price for our private vehicle even though we change time because they waited for us the whole day. For my personal experience, P3200 is already a reasonable price. A countryside tour in Bohol cost P4000-4500. We were lucky because I’m already an established bona-fide client of theirs.


Well we hit all our goals this day. The Chocolate-Hills first because this destination requires the most travel time. However we all so enjoyed the other sites, such as the man-made forest. A point of interest, if you own a drone and you wish to fly it and take videos or photos you need to be there before 8am at the Chocolate-Hills.

WHOAH! What a sunset.  We got to Panda House where we will stay for a night, we were so lucky that we were able to view the amazing sun set this evening.


There is a bridge connecting Bohol and the small neighbor island which is Panglao. The bridge is a marvelous place to take photos. It’s so photogenic.


When we reach Panglao we had a quick dinner and took a nap because we plan to head out to Alona beach and spend a short time to celebrate Coco’s birthday in advance. It was most definitely a nice birthday celebration I had with foreign friends when we celebrate Coco’s birthday. We bought some snacks, beer and a mango cream cake. We stayed somewhere on the shoreline along with the people having fun with their friends. If you visit Alona beach, you will find variety of restaurants and resto bar to stay. Some resto has their own band that can sing your requested songs or if you like to join the singer you can do so.



Sister’s by heart. 🙂 

It made Coco emotional, she was very happy that night.  we went to a specific restaurant to let Coco sing along with her brother and they offered her the stage. Most of the diners had fun; a group of Caucasians gave Coco a kiss on her cheek. To her happiness she shared her cake to them and was jumping with glee.


People on the beach gave their best wishes to Coco for a Happy Birthday. Since we all had hangovers the following day. The drinking caught up with us all and we paid for it by losing time.  Yep we slept in and missed seeing the dolphins that next morning.


After we all got firing on all 8 cylinders, we started and went directly to Balicasag Island for snorkeling. The island’s sanctuary was full of wonderful creatures; I consider this island as my favorite to go snorkeling. I remember my guide before was very nervous when I chase turtles and I got lost in the moment of discovery.

IMG_7239 (1)


 Coco’s   friends and staff did enjoy snorkeling. We took some videos during our time in the island as part of their promotion. You won’t regret spending 200 PHP for snorkeling in this island. If you don’t have a snorkel you can rent just for approximately 100 PHP.


After Balicasag Island. You can reach Virgin Island in 30 minutes. If its high tides you won’t be able to see the long stretch white sand bar. The tide was not that high when we arrived, we were able to fly our drone and have fun in the beach with my colleague with our bikinis. Coco’s staff had a great time with the grilled seafood they’ve bought.  You will understand and expect that the variety of seafood on Virgin Island is costly because of the location. But mind you the seafood is fresh and tastes good. Since I knew the boat owner he was able to get us hooked up with the fried banana seller which was nice.

 Our group were exhausted when we arrived in Panda house. It was way too hot. Our group needed to take a shower.


We started to prepare our things because our afternoon trip going back to Cebu was 2pm.  Coco looked for a cheaper van transfer that can take us to the port.   It was Sunday it did take a lot of waisted. Haggling prices is hard when you’re on a timer. To get a ride back to the port is 800 PHP to Panglao to Tagbilaran port. We got there in the nick of time too. Big hint people be early.  Sundays can be bad lineup, for you. This way you can get onboard and your ticket punched and not miss the boat.

To sum it up, this trip was fun and gave good lessons to everyone. I did educate Coco about the establish fees that we can’t just haggle. It is already mandated by law.  Bohol’s main income is tourism.


Budget well and happy travels.