Malubog Lake & Mt Tagaytay– Wander in the center part of Cebu– Toledo City

Date taken: July 2017

Time: 8:00-16:00

Duration going up to Tagaytay Hill: 1hour and 30 mins

Credits to my companion Kareen Cabrigas and our little guide

For photos, I was not able to use my camera. We just used my iPhone SE.

@TheBisayaTraveler inspired me to visit the hidden wonderful gem of Toledo City. My former colleague Kareen, whose from Toledo joined me in my adventure. Who would have thunk that my companion never knew about this hidden gem in their city? It took me long enough to write about my adventure since I’ve just retrieved my account. I was delighted to share my whole day experience with my companion. Trekking or hiking was not my thing. I inspired her in this expedition. We had several adventures together with our two colleagues. We went to Bantayan island and Ermits cove in Aloguisan. But this expedition was different since this was the only time we did this without them. Check out my adventure in my other post with my other colleagues. So let’s start how did I end up travelling alone to Toledo City.

Options to take going to Toledo City:

Take a bus from South Bus Terminal By bus @SouthbusTerminal

Take Via V-HIRE for 100PHP

Since I want to relax for this trip I took Vhire going to Toledo. I’ve read recent accidents and my friend advised me to took Vhire than the bus for my convenience.

I arrived an hour and 20 minutes from the city. It was indeed a nice lift. We took a motorcycle or commonly known as Habal-habal at Barangay Magdugo going to Barangay Hall in Casoy. My main purpose of this adventure was to unwind my mind from stress at work and escape from city life for awhile. Scenic views gave us peace of mind, time for yourself and discover the wonder of a free spirit. I’m planning another trip here with a proper itinerary and gather friends together to fulfill my ecstasy.

We took a short stopped from time to time because of the place’s breathtaking scenic. We found an elementary student to be our guide going up to Tagaytay hill. We would really love to go down to the lake but it took time for us to decide. So we chose Tagaytay Hill for the meantime. I’ve promised to visit the place again and cite my proper experience. Since this trip was like a short snap from the place spectacular view. If your an Instagram fanatic the place is worth your time and post. Especially if you have a nice camera to make sure you’ll capture detail scenic when you reach the top.

Guaranteed when you reached the top of Tagaytay Hill (Mt. New Bucao). You’ll be awestruck! Grasp the greatness of nature and embrace freedom when you fulfill your ecstasy.


Any queries or questions please don’t hesitate to write. 


Let’s end here and I’ll be back soon.

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