A great escape @Camotes Island Cebu

Travel date: February 2018

Group Itinerary 

  • 4:45 A.M    ETD Meet up @ Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City
  • 5:30 A.M    ETA @ Pier 1, Cebu to Camotes- Ocean Jet 
  • 7:30 A.M    ETA @ Poro Port, Camotes Island, Cebu
  • 8:20 A.M    First spot @ Bukilat Cave 
  • 9:00 A.M    Went back to Poro Port, had breakfast 
  • 10:10 A.M  Pick-up one of the group member @ Consuelo Port
  • 10:40 A.M  ETA @ Paraiso Cave 
  • 12:00 P.M  ETA @ Lake Danao (We consumed most of our time here)
  • 3:00 P.M    ETA @ Timubo Cave
  • 3:50 P.M    ETA @ Buho Rock 
  • We we’re not able to visit the popular beaches on the island because it’s only a day tour. 
  • 5:20 P.M   ETD Camotes to Cebu via Ocean Jet

“Another great escape from the city with these lovely group of people”

I handled my first Team Building ever @ Camotes Island, Cebu Philippines way back 2014. We stayed overnight @Bakhaw Camotes for 2500. A total of eleven people staying in a wonderful house with our hospitable host. For team buildings, 3 days and 2 nights are already worth it for the group’s stay cation to the enjoy the place. In our case since one of our colleague was locally from Camotes. On our 2nd day, we stayed in their lovely house near the port of Poro. Kindly check out my first expedition in Camotes.

The Top 10 Tourist Spots in Camotes Island as per TripAdvisor reviews. Kindly check this link for your reference as what activities you will enjoy in this wonderful island.

Let’s go!

Apart from my job I love sharing wonderful places with my students. This trip was unexpected as my student will graduate a week after this short trip. We’re alike since she love’s to explore so much. She discovered my hobbies and expeditions. With this, she wanted to be a part of one of my trips before she will go back to Taiwan. Since she’s here for her winter vacation. Together with my student Sandy, with her Taiwanese friends, a Chinese and a Korean. Indeed an extraordinary team as we explore Camotes just for a day. The main destination of most of my companions was Buho rock. They wanted to jump off the cliff. They’re enthusiastic upon hearing that Buho rock was just near at the port.

Early in the morning we’re heading to Pier 1 since we will take Ocean Jet @ 6:00 am. We rent a van that can take us to pier 1. It’s was a bit pricey because it’ll be early in the morning. For van rental, you can refer to this number 09154159848. It is really advisable to rent a van if you’re in a group for the team’s convenience.

First stop

My apologies for the quality of these pictures 🙂

2nd stop

We had our stop for breakfast near Poro port. They we’re very accommodating and the price was reasonable. I was delighted that including my meal was a bottle of mineral water aside from its drinks.


3rd stop

Seeing their happy faces made my day. During our trip it was indeed a nice weather for everyone. Time runs so fast and we need to decide a place we will consider for our next stop.

4th stop

Lake Danao Park

Beat us as we puddle up under the heat of the sun. The group decided to choose one activity as we arrived at Lake Danao Park. Lake Danao is not just an ordinary place to explore. The place has a legend that attracts tourist. Legend of Lake Danao by: peanutbrowas.com

Surviving the winds confusing direction. Everyone was on their pace exploring the lake. With its massive area it’ll be hard for someone especially newbies for kayak like me and my friend Onnah. We had so much fun puddling on the wrong direction. “It was so funny on how we argue which direction should we puddle as we struggle to comeback.” We actually consumed most of our time at lake Danao.

5th Stop

We took a short stop at Timubo Cave. We only have a little time if we will go to Santiago Beach as the group we’re eager to have their jump @Buho rock. I’ve explained how the cave look like but one of them was curious to go inside so everyone head inside to took a short peek.

Sandy my student had her remembrance of the place as her sandal ripped.


Final Stop


And finally our last stop. Time flies so fast, and it will took our fun any moment from now.

Tired and thirsty but the adreline was just about to start as we arrived the place. They we’re in awe when went out from the jeepney. Hurridly the boys moved their way. Most of them can’t believed we will only pay 20 php for the entrance fee. Lars the Chinese guy wanted to stay longer in the place to fullfil his itchy feet to jump.

Onnah love the scenic view and the air’s freshness. She would really love to jump if only she knew how to swim. But as for me I jump once and float my soul in the sea.

No place can beat the beauty of nature. I felt something I can’t explain when I saw their excitement and enthusiasm with our short trip. Whatever your Nationality, one thing in common can bring you together in one place. I may have my regrets for not be able to take them at the beautiful beaches in Camotes. But I believed the escapade we took will not be forgotten. Till I see them again. I’ll be back in this wonderful island for sure.




See you in my next adventure. 🙂

Wandering @Camotes Island

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