Blazing Summer Adventure @Sumilon Island, Cebu Philippines


Our hitchhiking experience turned out to be our first getaway for summer 2k18. My main destination was supposedly @Robinsons Mall, Dumaguete City for personal purposes. However; we travel ETA 4:30 am bound to south. So we decided together with my companion Jaffa to joined the Sumilon trip of my colleagues.  Heading to south was indeed a long travel. But when you passed by the scenic views like the ocean or valley of mountains . Breathtaking thrill awaits on your adventure. We had our first stop at Jollibee Carcar for breakfast ETA 6:00 am. It took us a bit long to have our breakfast because we waited on of our colleague. She’s from San Fernando, a town you will passed by before Carcar.

A quick information about Carcar, is a 4th class town of Cebu province situated in the South. The town is popular not just for their signature delicacies and food like Lechon . As well as this was a home to a various Spanish and American in the  past. And you can still see the history houses structures when you pass by this town.  You can refer to this link if your interested to view the old structure houses in Carcar. Carcar’s Old houses.

Accompany with my colleagues are Japanese so they decided to bought Lechon at Carcar for their Lunch later. Carcar’s lechon is tasty as well as it has a reasonable price.

Arriving @Natalio Bacalso Avenue, Oslob Cebu Philippine  a 2-3 minutes from Brumini Resort you will notice a parking area on the left side of the road. You can ask the local where you can take a boat going to Sumilon. There’s another option to take boat going to Sumilon but that’s the common port to those who will stay at Bluewater resort.

Upon arriving you need to take a 2-3 minute walk to register before entering the boat that will take you to Sumilon. We payed 2500 pesos total of 14 people. It was commonly 1500 or 2500 php depending on the size of the boat.


Pictures were taken by my Sony FDR-X1000V 4K Action Cam with Live View Remote Bundle. 

Setting your foot on the island you need to pay 50 php each for the entrance fee. Lucky if you’re locally from Oslob you’ll pay for only 30 php. This was my 3rd time visiting this wonderful island. I can really spot the difference way back 2014 my first time on the island. The water was a bit deep, compare before you can walk in the rocky part of the side of this area. But now it was covered with sand already. I think they made changes on the sandbar in the middle because this was the iconic part on this island that attracts tourists.


Credits to the owner of the 2 group photos. This was taken by Tezuka Hiromu.

We stayed on the island ETA 2 hrs. The team had fun crashing the waves. There were even two baby whale sharks spotted 50 meters away from us. But it’ll be too dangerous to go deeper because of the waves and it was already high tide when we arrived. The most exciting part on our stay was we played catching someone to be the IT. Most of the people were destructed because you really need to run so that you will not be chase to be the next IT. Getting tired of the game, we spent moments taking photos as our memories in the place. Everyone scattered and look for a wonderful angle to be posted in their social media accounts. If your creative enough the place was an Instagram worthy. If your seeking for an adventure you can do snorkeling or even discovering the hidden cave in the island. But in our case, we took time to swim, took a lot of photos. For group photos even photos with my partner Jaffa, we ask the locals maintaining the place to took us photos and they were very accommodating.

Indeed a wonderful adventure beating the heat of the sun. Our hitchhiking with my companion fire up our summer escapade. I’m very grateful for being a part of this trip and I’m pretty sure that the memories we create in the island will not be forgotten. I hope we gave these lovely students a great gift they can always remember wherever they are now.

Summer is just about to start. To more adventures awaits. Let’s lift up our free spirit and wander to the extent of our itchy feet. 

As for my companion Jaffa, she shared to me her first-time experience in the island. You can get lost and get drowned by the beauty it possesses. Perfect for summer for a different group of people. We stayed for a short time but that short time fed our eyes enough to its scenic view. The big rocks add beauty to the place especially to those who love looking for great angles in taking their pictures. 

Now left with us was the footprints as we left the place. Pretty sure I’ll be back with another lovely people. 

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Sumilon Island, Cebu Philippines

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