When you’re disappointed how do you define the word BAD?


Today someone showed me how to feel bad without knowing why I need to feel bad for myself.  Yeah, I’m boring, sounds like a robot but saying I’m bad was too much.  I’m not sure what went wrong for 3three days. When I showed this person how to learn the difficult words and idioms he ends up saying I’m bad. Am I really bad? Does he know how it feels likes when someone told him his bad? What If I’ll tell him today that his bad. How will he react you think? Coming here to learn the language with our help. We have a class flow to follow and he even dares to ask me “Is it always like this for this curriculum?” How would he know? We both don’t have the same profession. He’s foreign he thinks when he learns the word foreign for the first time. He had a hard time pronouncing the words, I corrected it. He had a hard time understanding the expressions/Idiom/vocabulary, I gave him a relevant example that he can relate and understand. So tell me which part I became bad for freakin three days?!

Because of this, I remember BO SANCHEZ suddenly. This is exactly how our words became powerful. Let me share this with you by BO SANCHEZ.

When I Met A Skeptic

One day, I gave this exact talk and one man came up to me and said, “Bo, with all due respect, I disagree with you. I don’t buy this voodoo stuff about words. Words are cheap. Words are nothing. My words don’t affect me at all!”

So I told him, “Then you’re a perfect volunteer for a big experiment I’m making.”

“What experiment?” he asked.

“I’ll pay you P10,000, if for the next 10 days, you’ll say 10 times a day, with emotion and conviction,‘I have terminal cancer! I have terminal cancer!”

Suddenly, his face turned very pale and said, “Uh, I’m busy.”

Believe me, no one will take my offer.

Because deep within, we know that our words are powerful.


With all due respect to this person. He needs to grow up and accept that he’s not good at everything. He made my afternoon a disaster. Though I need to a get a grip of myself. I can’t help but vent it all over here. If given a chance to change back time, I wish I still have my same schedule last week.                


I’ll get a hold of myself for now and play the song.                                                                            For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic “Paramore”                                                            


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Let's run away and explore the beauty of madness. Makino is into adventures, love's hiking, swimming and outdoor activities. Into interesting topics and discussions and passionate in learning new things. She's a teacher by profession and suddenly fell in love with outdoor activities. This blog serves as her diary and she's hoping to inspire everyone to see the beauty of our creator's goodness.

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