Drifting along the stream of serenity @Casaroro falls


Always up to adventure, every time I go back to Dumaguete City. My sister and I decided to seek for an excursion before going back to Cebu. Even though I’ve been in this City a lot of times. The place still enthralled me to discover more challenging scenic places to visit. And one of them is no other than Casaroro falls. If you can recall my adventure last February I’ve been to some of Dumaguete’s popular destination. However, my excitement has always been craving for drifting along the stream of serenity ” Casaroro Falls”. Our supposed destination should be the forest camp recommended by my cousin when I called him at that time. But upon arriving the place we discovered from the locals that it was the same way going up to Casaroro falls.

Without any hesitation, I decided to chase Casaroro instead of soaking my stress along the stream of spring at the forest camp. From Robinson’s Dumaguete we rode a tricycle going to Valencia for 150 php. Upon arriving at the Forest Camp we need to ride another tricycle that will take us back and forth from Casaroro falls and to Dumaguete proper.


After paying 10 PHP for the entrance fee we set our foot to the stairs. Because of my excitement, I thought it’ll take us short time going down to the river to reach the falls.

But to our surprised, it was not an easy hike that we will take. Less than 500 steps we took before we reached the river stream. We encounter two Spanish foreign along with us who had their stop after taking the steps on stairs. One thing that amazes me is that most popular tourist spots in Negros Oriental have a proper sanitation and clean toilet. Who would have thought that going down along the cascading water of the river you will found a nice toilet. Because I’m wearing jeans when I went down I need to change I’ll probably get soak hiking along the river. 


Rocky moments hiking along the cascading water from the river bed before reaching the waterfalls. My little sister seems to enjoy her first trek ever. 

It took us an hour reaching the waterfalls because we didn’t hire a guide. Big rocks and flowing water from the river made us confuse on which way we should take. I would highly discourage everyone to carry a backpack. It will exhaust you easily and will make you decide not to continue your journey especially if you’re not used to hiking.



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Challenge never stop as we leave the place. Now try to imagine how easy for us to go down the stairs. How ironic that heading back would be the toughest one. 


Credits to my lil pretty sister for the great pictures and enduring the challenges we take just to take a glimpse of the hidden gem of Valencia, Negros Oriental “Casaroro Falls”

TRIVIA: I’ve learned from a guide that this is not actually the original casaroro falls. I happen to met a guy name Cris (One of the official guides for climbing Mt. Talinis). One of his people told me that the original casaroro falls is a bit high and challenging to explore. I’ll keep posted once I confirm it true. 🙂 Click me

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