Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

High enough when the scenic view appears to be perfect on top. Welcome back to Mt. Tagaytay @Toledo City Cebu. It was a little bit late when we decided to push through our plan visiting Mt.Tagaytay. We travel via V-hire to Toledo ETA – 11:30 and we paid 100 pesos each. My memories fade as we passed by Lutopan Toledo and looking through the window where we should tell the driver to drop us. But finally, I was able to remember that we should look for a crossing point and at the right side you will see Julies bakeshopIt’ll be very easy to locate since there were lots of motorcycles or commonly known as habal2x near the crossing point of Brgy Magdugo. 

Before we start our adventure we need to fill in our hungry stomach. We had our lunch in a small crispy chicken shop with a very reasonable price. Starting your hike to Mt Tagaytay you need to take motorcycle first that can take you to General Climaco Barangay Hall. The same fare last year we pay 60 pesos each and the driver will drop at this sari-sari store. And on the left side take that path going up to Mt.Tagaytay. Because it became popular, you can ask the residence nearby and they will lead which way you should take.


Mt. Tagaytay would be your great escape away from city lights during the weekend. The place will surely relax your mind and soul. If your into photography hacks you can do a lot on top. Because the place has an expanded area. It was a little bit hot when we arrived but it was all worth it. Compare to my first hike I found it a bit difficult and exhausting because the weather was unpredictable at that time. The place really suites for beginners.

There were things that you should avoid upon visiting the place:

  • We found out that there was a misunderstanding between the barangay and the owner of the land of Mt. Tagaytay. Pretty sure you will pass by a house that will talk to you about their land. It’s free to visit the place but they will ask you if the barangay ask an entrance fee going up in their land. My sources was not clear yet but please talk nicely if someone will talk to you where are you heading. Because they will really notice your new to their place.
  • Avoid wearing jeans, if you happen to ride motorcycle from the crossing of brgy Magdugo you will pass by a river and it will soak your feet if your wearing shoes or jeans. Maybe if you have some sandals that is good for hiking that would be great.

Things you might want to try:

  • Have you ever try to ride jeepney and sit on top? Or commonly known as “Taplud” in local term. Maybe you want to give it a try heading back to Toledo proper for only 20php after your hike.
DSC05266 89D7FA28-243C-45CE-A039-54C5C4FB1BC1
  • Photo hacks , the hill on top has an expansive area. If your into funny photos with your friends. Have fun and make most of your time on top.

One of my companion can’t help herself and told me about her thoughts. 🙂

Rhine – When your at the top you can shout out of your lungs the name of the fucking person who has hurt you. And you can freely express what you feel.
For me it’s a good step for a person who’s trying to move on lol!



I’m out of words already or maybe I’m too lazy at the moment.


Bye for now, I’ll be back for more challenge in the future.



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