A Hiking We Will Go @ Cebu’s Highest Peak

“Let us not be content to wait and see what will happen, but give us the determination to make the right things happen. Horace Mann”

“I like it when unexpected things happen.” anonymous” 

Social media’s so mainstream nowadays that enable us to meet great people with common interest or hobbies. Before I met “EJ” (the one’s with a pink cap) I met “Juan” first, her friend from a group called KALAIN that stands for (Kaon, Lakaw Inom) EAT, HIKE DRINK. 

Before, hiking was just like my past time because of the scenic views and beautiful landscapes it offers while your on trail.  But I suddenly crave for more hiking and wanted to push my limits.

If you’re a newbie like me you’ll ask the ff: common questions before you make up your mind.

  • Will I belong?
  • What are the things should I prepare?
  • What are the proper gears should I have?
  • They all look experienced.
  • Should I go or not?

Because I really wanted to take another step, I decided to join the said pre-climb. This is on preparations for my upcoming 1st major climb at Mt. Talinis.

If you’re a newbie for camping, lots of questions will really pop up in your mind. Especially for the necessary things needed for camping. Everything was new to me, terminology for camping, mountain climbing, hiking etc. Proper things needed from tent to gears.  So, I really suggest that you read a lot of blogs and information about the mountains before you’ll go on hiking or camping so that you’ll be guided for the things that you should bring.

Things that I learned from this experience: 

  • You should do your research if its okay to wear hiking sandals.
  • Hiking/trail snacks are necessary
  • Water is life. So better buy a hydration water bladder like around 1.5 liter for your convenience.  But not to pressure everyone any water bottle will do. 
  • Make sure to bring extra long socks and thick hoodies or appropriate jacket. As well as raincoat. Because the weather in the mountains is very unpredictable so be prepared. 
  • Head lamp and flashlight or maybe a lamp that is appropriate for camping. 
  • Utensils, camping cup for your morning coffee or hot chocolate. Plastic plate and extra plastics.
  • Hand gloves and hiking sticks are optional but these things are actually very helpful. 
  • Just be prepared and make sure that your courage is always up to adventure.
Our starting point was in Tabunan heading to Mt. Manunggal. We didn’t take the normal trail since this was our preparation hike for our upcoming Mt. Talinis climb in Negros Oriental. 
@The start point of our trail. Where you’re in between, 2 places at the same time. In between of Cebu and Balamban.

Random photos from our trail. Passed by rivers and had our stops to fulfill our eyes from the scenic breathtaking view it offers. 

We’re finally halfway there. The trails too confusing because of the growing grass. Funny when most of us slipped on our way up in the mountains.   

My companions perseverance was very motivating during our trail because we encountered wrong way along our trail. What made it more exciting was we encountered a new companion that never leave us until we reach the peak.


Our lovely guide, met halfway of the trail. 


Finally! After our long trail less than 6 hours we’re able to reach the peak .

Everyone’s too busy to find a good shot/angle for taking photos. As for me and my lil sister we sometimes argue because she found the pictures I took too bad compare the photos she took for me. Fortunately, one of our companion had their go pro for taking group photos. But it was a bit complicated to look for a great shot especially we wanted a nice view for our background.

Please be careful with my heart. “Mahirap pag na fall ako, hala ka.” 🙂 

The most challenging part of this trail was trying to get a perfect angle photo on top of the rock. The wind on top of the rocky was not normal, and you really need to balance everything. Like your steps and which part of the rock should you hold onto.

Don’t underestimate these rocks on top. The rocky part of this mountain was a bit shiny and you really need to watch your steps.
Together with me is Roci. Our official cook for our camp. So blessed to learn a lot of things from her too. Everyone realizes that the combination of eggplant and pear squash with spicy sardines was great! We had a pleasant dinner at the campsite. 
Our campsite. 
Morning thoughts of my lil sister “this would be probably my first and last hike as of now”. She told me her muscle cramps hinders her to continue our trail with the team. But she felt great meeting our companions and for the experience. 


Dogs found around the campsite were so lovely and charming. 

I believe that he who has less in life should have more in law. ‘Ramon Magsaysay”

Different stories and behind the scenes untold from the death our late president “Ramon Magsaysay”. When his plane together with his crew crashed was considered one of the most tragic event in the history.

Considered as Baguio in Cebu because the breeze at night and the weather’s unpredictable from time to time.

For beginner’s, the trail usually starts here. The campsite specifically located here; however as a hiker we’re avoiding unreasonable fees and misunderstanding from the locals and the official who manage Mt. Manunggal’s adventure.

Expected fees are the ff:

  • If you started at trans-central highway, motorcycle or (habal-habal) are accessible. P70 each per way for & to Manunggal Peak. manunggal
  • P80 Entrance fee and P400 guide fee per group.
  • They also have extreme activities like Sky bike, etc.
  • The main campsite was located nearby their extreme activities. Rental tents are available.

To reach Mt. Manunggal, the terminal for V-hire are in Ayala Mall and SM Mall, fare was P120. In our case we met at Ayala Mall since it was the most accessible for the group.

======================Please feel free to leave a comment or question=============

Thanks for dropping by, and see you in my next adventure! Cheers!


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