The Sleeping Giant (Hike More, Worry Less)


Welcome to Guihulngan City situated in the northern part of Negros Orienal. Brief history of Guihulngan. Everything was set to be perfect on our second day in Negros island, specifically in Negros Oriental since the Island was divided in two parts. Negros Oriental and Negros Occidental, but now its commonly called as Negros Island. Popular city in Oriental is Dumaguete City while in Occidental is Bacolod City.


Meet my companions, Onnah, Pally, Jaffa, Janrose and of course me Makino. 🙂 #Teamatabs.

Credits to Janrose sister Jeehart who took this perfect photo. I considered this photo as one of the best, this was taken in the middle of Hinakpan hills “the chocolate hills in Negros Oriental.” Who would’ve thought you’ll found mystical hills as what they said on top of the mountain. Hinakpan hills was our last destination. 

First, stop Kansalakan river or also known as the Enchanted River. You’ll be really enchanted once you reached the place since this river is a mysterious place for locals.

Foggy morning as we traveled via motorcycle or commonly known as (Habal-habal) just to reach our first destination. You can check out my video in my IG @emi_makino as I jumped in the river together with Jeehart my colleague’s sister. Because only the both of us knows how to swim.

Typically not advisable for those who really don’t know how to swim. As if I felt something/someone was trying to drag me down since it was a little bit hard to float in the water.

We took the chance as well to enjoy the rocky side of the river. The cascading water enchants us as we took a lot of photos and a short video.

The residence as well was so blessed to easily clean their motorcycle even that truck too. Looking at them conveniently cleaning their vehicles.

Now we’re all set to our next destination. We had our lunch first so that we can continue all the way up to the next part of our adventure.

====================HINAKPAN HILLS================================

Hinakpan Hills were pretty amazing my gosh. Breathtaking scenic views in front of me.
On top of Monte Calbaryo (Mountain Calvary) viewing Hinakpan Mystical Hills and Mt. Canlaon.

I would probably love to stay longer to keep on staring Mt. Kanlaon. We saw the crater by far and I can’t keep my eyes looking at this mountain. I had the chance to get a closer glimpsed on our first day when we went @padudusan water slide in Canlaon. But this view was really different. Mt. Kanalaon look like a king ruling those mystical hills.

======================HINAKPAN CAVE=======================================

So we must wear this for our protection. The cave was name after the 5 people who first discover it. By their first initial the cave was known as ARVOR Cave.

The cave was a five-minute walk from the Calvary. It is a small system cave but inside you’ll found active stalactites growing. The arvor cave will be found inside of the hills surrounded in Hinakpan hills. They’ll be probably other undiscovered gems aside from this cave. Going up the cave was a bit challenging because the assault part was steep. But once you’re in the entrance part you’ll be amazed. 

Together with Jeehart we had like a sister bonding starting from Kansalakan river until here.


Finally our last stop @the road in between Hinakpan hills.

Know more Guihulngan’s Tourist destination. 

Trivia: The word sleeping Giant was name after a (specific locals) in Guihulngan City. I was advised not to mention them for confidentiality purposes. I can personally say that Guihulngan indeed was a sleeping giant because it looks like the city was just pretty normal. However; the big mountains covering the hills on top seems like quietly sleeping waiting to be discovered. 

Please take note that going on top the road is under construction. Pretty soon their’ll be a shorter route to Bacolod City via Guihulngan from Dumaguete City. If you’d like to take a motorcycle (habal-habal), locals in the area are more reliable. I can recommend someone if you’d like.

Credits to the following who made this trip possible:

  • TEAM ATABS- with Janrose, Jaffa, Onnah and Pally my QQEnglish colleagues.
  • Janrose’s Residence @barangay Tinayunan Hill or commonly know as T-Hill by locals.
  • Janrose’s brother and relative our personal habal2x drivers. For being so patient throughout our trips.
  • Janrose’s Mother, who gave us her warm welcome like a family on our first night.
  • Jeehart, Janrose’s younger sister who became my swimming buddy since only the two of us knows how to swim.
  • Our beloved Almighty for the nice weather and safe trip for everyone.
With Jeehart baby 🙂 So we end up choosing which hill is ours lol!

Negros Oriental’s Best

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