JOMAX Peak (Hike More, Worry Less)

For reservation kindly refer to this link.

“I’m a person of the mountains and the open paddocks and the big empty sky, that’s me, and I knew if I spent too long away from all that I’d die; I don’t know what of, I just knew I’d die.” (John Marsden)”

I finally found time to write my insights and experience for my birthday hike celebration two months ago. Before I decided what should I do for my birthday one of my colleague shared “Jomax Peak” a must visit nearby her hometown in Negros Occidental. As for my The Sleeping Giant post, I didn’t have any hesitations to consider Jomax Peak as our last destination. I was so lucky to read a blog about Jomax peak as for my reference on how should I get there. And what are the necessary things I should do before we can visit the place.

The following pictures will be found on Jomax Peak Facebook page:

Search Jomax Peak’s page on Facebook to make reservations and to get the necessary information you need.
You’ll be prompt onto this page once you click on making reservations. This is to check if the date you choose is available or not depending on the accommodation you will choose.

Payment validation option will be needed once you already completed the transaction.

All reservation details are in the next page after you find your reservation date.

These are the following accommodations that you can choose from depending on your needs and preferences. As well as it depends on the groups budget what accommodation the group or individual can afford.

As the organizer of our adventure I’ve chosen this accommodation. I’ve needed to consider our budget since Jomax peak’s a bit far. It will really require your effort and guts if you wanted to visit this place.


And the last step online would be your information. Please take note that this is not the last step for your reservation.


Once everything will be settled and you already made your payment through PALAWAN Express pera padala with the given format. If you’ll go back to the first second picture on top. You need to do a validation for your payment process. As for my experience it took time online for my payment to be validated. What I did was, I texted them through the contact number given. And I had my manual validation through text.

Your patience and perseverance is highly needed throughout the process. I really thought that my validation won’t go through since it took time online. Thanks goodness I thought of sending them message through text. And take note sometimes their signal wasn’t good so you really need to wait for their reply.


“Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So… get on your way!” (Dr. Seuss)

That day was indeed my day! However; I do believe that everyone has their own preferences and comfort. I’ve read some reviews and some gave their two thumbs up, a thumbs up or even worst a 1 star. Personally, there’s no perfect place. It really depends on whom your with, sometimes it maybe a matter of luck if the weather’s with you.

We live by our choices so we need to open our mind for possibilities to our future destinations.

  • Timing may sound difficult to achieve but you need this if your up to adventures. Especially if your from the different island in the country.
  • Weather is indeed unpredictable. So you be prepared, make a plan B maybe up to C if plan A wont work.
  • Your budget matter most, so make a budget plan as well and do a lot of research. Because these days the price is constantly increasing as well as the fare for public transportation.
  • Make a general rule and itinerary for your trip so that you’ll have a guide to follow.

Be prepared so that everything will go along the plan though some changes will happen. But at least you know your goals and it’s up to you how you will achieve it. So enjoy and make the most out of it!

Our group’s mandatory post before we leave this wonderful mountain resort. If only we had a great camera that can capture the sky on that night you’ll be really amaze. It seems like as if we can reach the stars and it felt like your floating just by looking at those sparkling million stars. The staff of the resort who took us photo was very accommodating and had a great camera skills. We were lucky that he was the staff in charge by that time because we actually arrive late night and took the last trip. We really thought we can’t make it since we came from another municipality and had our 2 hours travel by bus to San Carlos city. And from San Carlos city we were so lucky that we’re able to take the last trip.

Since we’re on tight budget for this trip, I really exerted an effort to brought 2 tents for our night at Jomax peak. If you don’t have a tent that would be fine because you can rent for 300 plus 50php for the space. Since we have our own tent we only paid a hundred for the tent’s space. The staff was really accommodating at that night in setting up our tent.

And finally my most favorite part was their unlimited coffee.

We had our coffee under the stars at that night. I was like in an awe with the awesome scenic, wonderful breeze and unlimited coffee. A coffee lover like me will probably enjoy just don’t forget to bring biscuits or snacks with you to enjoy the night more with your friends.

Another thing you’ll enjoy doing at night was to take a dip @ their mini pool. The water’s really refreshing after from our long travel.

It was too cold at that night but it was still perfect since the water was new and fresh. Eventually your body will embrace the coldness of the water and its surrounding. We had fun at the pool after our coffee and stargazing. We felt like we own the place at that night since only two guest including our group had the overnight stay @Jomax peak.


One of the most iconic scenic view from Jomax peak was a glimpse of Malatan og falls on top. It really look awesome from where I’m standing holding my cup after I had my coffee. So everything for me was really amazing so as my companions taking photos everywhere.


Team ATABS aka BATA means our height can pass as a child lol!
A refreshing bright day before leaving jomax peak and we’re ready for our next stop @Malatan-og falls. Since the bus last trip was @3pm so everyone’s still up for another adventure.

Please feel free to comment your questions or follow me on my IG @luche_cebuanaph.


Estimated expenses going to Jomax peak via Ceres bus liners:

  • We took a Ceres bus last trip from Guihulngan City to San Carlos City for 60-65 php. We had our first night and second day @my colleagues hometown. That’s why it took us awhile to travel because we weren’t able to estimate the time from Guihulngan going to Don Salvador where Jomax Peak was located. 
  • We were very lucky when we arrived ETA 21:05 @San Carlos bus terminal. And the last trip for Ceres bus bound to Bacolod via Don Salvador was still there when we arrived. Each paid around 65-70 php since I lost the bus ticket my apologies. Please take note that the bus fare may change from time to time.
  • It took less than 2 hrs from San Carlos to Jomax peak ETA 23:15 when we arrived.
  • No need to worry if its your first time since Jomax peak was just along the road on the ride side.
Pretty sure you will not get lost 🙂

Ceres bus last trip was until 3-pm so we still had the chance to explore the nearby pine trees one of Don Salvador’s attraction. Have breakfast and went hiking to Malatan-og falls. 


From Jomax Peak to Cebu City via Ceres bus including the ferry fare was a total of 565 php. Changes of the fare might apply in the future. 

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