Binabaje Hills: The Hiker’s Paradise @Alicia’s Panoramic Park

Binabaje Hills; The Alicia Panoramic Park (TAPP) at Cambaol Alicia, Bohol.


Great things happen to those who plan a trip unexpectedly and promptly. Check out the location  Supposedly, we will just have a day hike or probably visit other waterfall attractions in the south of Cebu on that weekend. When my new companion @jamietarongoy decided to push through her plan going to Bohol. She had an original plan heading to Anda in Bohol with her colleagues but their we’re sudden changes to their plans. I’ve actually encouraged her before, that I wanted to join so that we’ll have an excursion to Alicia and Candijay. But who would have thought that we can make it in a blink of an eye.

We finalized everything while both of us was still in our working office. How funny that no plan was being made just a click away after Jamie’s shift @4pm she bought tickets @Pier 1 bound to Ubay, Bohol. While me filled an under time because my shift ends @11pm. My colleagues at work always teased me as a risk taker if its all about adventure. Who will say “NO” to adventure right?  

No sleep here we go. .felt like my thoughts were floating somewhere. The waves, the crowd, the noise of the talkative people near my deck wont let me sleep at that time. “Patience a virtue indeed”, though I tried my best to take a nap at that time the surroundings won’t let me to do so. The reason we took the 9pm trip bound to Ubay was because we only have a limited time.


We departed at Ubay port in Bohol around 2 am and stayed in the vessel for a couple of minutes. Around 25 minutes to 3 am we decided to go out and seek for a light meal. The port has an expansive area that will really exhaust you a bit walking especially we didn’t have enough rest and sleep at that time. Outside the port you’ll found a “Painitan” (pa.i.nit.) “means warm”. Painitan in a loose English translation means, “to heat” or “to warm up”. So normally we Filipinos usually go to a Painitan early in the morning and have a sticky rice paired with hot chocolate locally known as “sikwate”. Sticky rice or locally known as “Puto” is good to be paired with a ripe mango together with its hot chocolate. Sometimes others prefer coffee with milk than hot chocolate.

Need some energy to start our day.

We’re so lucky after our light meal we saw a Ceres bus that will head to Tagbilaran City, Bohol’s official city. The bus will passed by different municipalities including our first destination, Alicia.

Wonderful dawn with my companion @jamietarongoy. The skies so great while we’re waiting for the sunrise.
Meet @jamietarongoy and our guide Nestor whose very active and in taking photos just right before we reach the top.

Because it was too early, our excitement filled all over the place. When we look up to the sky and saw millions of stars, we’re left awestruck at that moment. The cool breeze made us shivered while we’re riding on the motorcycle that will take us to the jump-start of Binabaje Hills. Our contact one of the motorcycle driver, took us to a small house and we then have ourselves registered. Then we we’re introduced who’ll be our guide. The officials in the municipality of Alicia mandated a legit riders that can take hikers to the jump start as well as heading back to downtown. They also have a list of the guides that assures hikers or tourists who’d love to visit the mountain. No worries at the end of your adventure you can put all your comments about your experience. As well as you’ll have the freedom to say something with your guide once you’re in the jump off, signing off from the hills.

A hiker’s paradise indeed, we’re filled with so much greatness upon reaching the top.
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This was my favorite part of Binabaje hills.
Finally found a tree to take a short snap and our guide was so enthusiastic to took us a photo. So much feels all over the place.

Sample breakdown of our expenses:

  1. Pier 3, Cebu to Ubay, Bohol via J & N Shipping Lines . (Php 250)
  2. Ceres bus from Ubay to Alicia proper. (Php 22)
  3. Habal-habal (motorcycle fare) from Alicia proper (market) to Jump start of Binabaje Hills was (Php 200) back and forth.
  4. Ceres bus from Alicia market to Carmen market. (Php 36)
  5. V-hire (van) Carmen to Tubigon, Bohol. (Php 80)
  6. MV Starcraft schedule available seat we’ve got when we arrived was Tourist class the fare was 300 php. Please be guided as fare increases from time to time. Additional 25 php for terminal fee bound to Cebu.
  7. Guide fee was 300 php good for 5-7 people and if you wish to go on overnight stay guide fee would be 500 php. Additional 30 php serve as entrance fee.
  8. Estimated 1200 including snacks and breakfast.
  9. I highly recommended you follow this Itinerary to be guided. My companion followed his advised and we we’re able to contact our guide through his blog.
  10. Please contact the tourism officer through this mobile number 09777299102 so that they can prepare the assign guide for your visit. If you can’t contact them an alternate person would be our guide Kuya Aldrin and his number’s 09392438582.

In our case since the guide fee was divided only for two people. So we paid 150 php each for the guide as it was required. 

Going home. . .

Personally, I’m not a fan of Starcraft ferry because of my first hand experienced. The seat was too narrow and I really felt cramped at that time. But this was the only ferry that can take me earlier to Cebu. I’m really hoping that the officials will conduct an inspection to ensure the passengers safety and comfort. They don’t have proper space for your backpack. You can’t even choose a seat, so you’re very unlucky bringing a backpack with you sitting in the middle of the row. If they are delayed, they are not prepared to ensure the queue’s on proper lining before the passenger hop aboard in the vessel.

I was trying to keep my cool on our way leaving Alicia’s Panoramic park.

However; my overall experienced was superb!  It was a restless day trip indeed and every moment of it was too precious for me. I’d already planed my next trip to Alicia because my colleague insisted to have me as her guide and I’ll make sure to take note the difference between my first experience and my upcoming adventure. See ya around mate. Please check out soon my minor excursion after my Alicia hiking adventure. 

Leave nothing but memories to keep.
The locals assigned will encouraged every visitors to comment about their experiences.

Really wish these will apply to all tourist destination in every parts of the counrty.






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