Hitting The Trail @ Mayana Peak, San Carlos, Negros Occidental

Mayana oh na na. . .so how we end up hitting the trail to Mayana Peak’s spectacular idiosyncrasy mountains. When I saw a post on IG before my birthday its view left me awestruck! Then I suddenly asked my colleagues whose from Negros Occidental if she heard about Mayan peak.  Fortunately, one of my colleague whose from Guihulngan City in Negros Oriental shared her classmate experience visiting the peak. She gave positive feedback and we decided together to file a leave from work since she wanted to go home to her hometown too.

@Guihulngan port, took the earliest schedule to make the most of our time.

After our shift from work (11pm) we directly went to South bus terminal and took a bus that can take us to Tangil port. And my colleagues mother and younger sister as well as her older brother was already waiting for us. Since my colleague “Janrose” the one whose wearing white polo shirt was locally from Guihulngan we were able to leave our things from her uncle nearby so that we can go directly to San Carlos City, where Mayana Peak was located.

The group decided to have breakfast before we start our adventure.

We we’re so lucky and blessed that Janrose’s Mom prepared breakfast for everyone. Before we arrived at the jump-start of Mayana we’ve been lost few times and finally found the location. It took us less than two hours because we kept on asking locals for its location and it was really tough reaching the place.


Everyone including the drivers registered so take a quick view of Mayana peak. It was a bit disappointing that the guide fee was a bit pricey because going up hill was not really tough. And the local assigned welcoming guest was not sure enough how much was the guide fee. Though I totally understand because part of Mayana peak’s land was private. However; a proper guide fee should be implemented properly in the future.

Tara! Let’s hit the trail.

If you’re not into hiking Mayana Peak is best for you. It’s was a pretty easy trail and only the first part was a bit challenging. Because we didn’t have enough sleep we still found it exhausting and tough going up hill.

Since we’re too excited we went up first so that we can capture the best view. Because it was getting crowded when we started hiking.


We’re almost there. .

We let our guide to went after my companions because we arrived 15 minutes earlier than them. When we reach the peak we saw some visitors in the small store we passed by relaxing a bit because it was too hot already. So we better need to take the opportunity that the crowd was not that much because we can’t get great pictures we people were lining to climb the iconic rock with it’s fantastic view.

Meet Jeehart one of our official photographer. Her mom own’s the camera and since she love taking photo she never did hesitate to take a lot of photos for us.
So what do you think guys? Did you like what you saw?

As for Janrose brother and Mom, they’re opinion about Mayana peak was a bit negative because they compared Mayana Peak to Hinakpan hills in Guihulngan. I can’t blame them since everyone has their own opinion.

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From Cebu to Guihulngan City

Sample breakdown of our expenses:

  1. From South bus terminal to Tangil port. (P170 +P5 terminal fee)
  2. From Guihulngan port to San Carlos city my colleague’s brother who we negotiate for this trip have a motorcycle or (Habal-habal) we paid (P600) each. That’s including our side trip to Kanlaon City after Mayana Peak. But there’s an option for everyone to take Ceres bus going to San Carlos City (P70) please be guided that fare changes will apply from time to time. And from San Carlos city you can find (Habal-habal) that would take you to Mayana Peak (P100)
  3. Mayana Peak’s entrance fee. (P20)
  4. Mayana Peak’s guide fee (P200) per group.

Please enjoy and make the most of your time visiting the place because the road going up was a bit tough. But for sure you’ll not regret once you arrive @Mayana Peak. 



Cheers! See you!

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