Hitting The Trail @Malatan-og Falls, Don Salvador, Negros Occidental

If we turn the ending page of our journey, what kind of story will it be?

Viewing Malatan-og Falls early in the morning @Jomax Peak.

Now we need to end our wonderful journey in Negros Occidental. But wait. . we still have time to go somewhere, aren’t we?

The group decided to hit the trail to Malatan-og Fall, viewing @ Jomax Peak where we stayed for our last night. The waterfalls look pretty small when your on top at Jomax Peak. And you’ll be asking yourself, if the trail heading to the waterfalls will be worth of your time or not.  Of course I’ve disused this matter to my companions and everyone agreed.


Before we even started our trail to Malatan-og falls we look for a place to have our breakfast. One of the staff in Jomax Peak told us they can take us to a great place for breakfast. And they will also take us to the Pine trees nearby where we will have our breakfast. We just need to pay P50 each for the motorcycle fare and that was pretty reasonable.

The Pine Trees was pretty awesome when we arrived. It left me awestruck as this was the first time I saw lot’s of Pine trees.  No entrance fee and outside these park there were stalls of fruits which I forgot to take some photos.
Feels like we’re somewhere when we reached this place.

We’re truly grateful for our guide who made our morning wonderful. These lovely pine trees was truly amazing and we did not expect this as I did not encounter this when I researched about Jomax Peak. Only Malatan-og falls was the nearest spot after Jomax peak. 

Expected fees before we hit the trail to Malatan-og Falls

  • Entrance fee (P50 each)
  • Guide fee (P300) per group, the number of people per group was not stated. We were advised that tourists requires a guide. Unlike, locals  from Don Benidicto Salvador, guide is not a must. But they need to pay the entrance fee to maintain the place sanitation.

Starting point of the trail was pretty easy because there were stairs on our way. But after a 10 minute walk we encounter the tough part. Going down was tough because there weren’t any roots that we can step on so that it will be safe to go down. So everyone was forced to walk slowly and we’ve tried to look for any kinds of bush of tress that we can hold on going down.

Team Atabs on their way to hit the trail to Malatan-og Falls.
This part was a bit slippery and you really need to control your steps.

I personally told our guide to look after to one of my companion because she’s not used to go on hiking. And it was funny because “Pally” the one whose not used to hiking kept on complaining how far or are we almost there most of the time.

It took us less than two hours to arrived at the waterfalls since we had two stops to take a rest and used the toilet.

When we arrived, I was amazed how high the waterfall was. The waterfalls reminds me of Casaroro falls in Valencia, Negros Oriental. The only difference was Malatan-og Falls was higher than Casaroro and the water flowing was too much compared Casaroro. The cold breeze made me realized not to go swimming. 


We stayed almost an hour to take a lot of photos and enjoy the beauty of nature surrounding Malatan-og Falls.

Note: On our way back we discovered that there was a different trail that would be more convenient and safe to take that the trail we took on our way to the falls. The easy trail that has more stairs was not in the entrance of the waterfalls so better tell the guide to take the route instead of the one on the entrance part.

How to ruin your almost best photo with one of your travel buddy lol. 🙂

As we reached the waterfall, one thing that keeps on meddling in my mind the “guide fee”. We encountered couple on our way and they told us that before the guide fee was voluntary. The trail was pretty easy though it’s really necessary if its your first time visiting the place. But when I asked the guide if I wanted to go back again, is it necessary for me to pay the guide fee again? Then he replied “Yes” not unless your locally from DSB.

If your curious about this waterfalls try reading blogs 3-2 years ago. I found out that before there we’re no entrance fee and the guide fee was of any amount and voluntary. Indeed nature destination now in the country was getting popular and expensive. So better explore in a group if your on your tight budget.


Cheers! And see you around. . .


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