Pamutan Trail Fest 2018: Conquering My First Trail Run

“Run the first two-thirds of the race with your head and the last third with your heart.” – Unknown

Does anybody know what that’s like? Why we run in the mountains? Not in the roads? I’m talking to myself too thinking like I’m going crazy. But I need to do this to push my limits and satisfy myself. To see if I can do it or not?


When my cousin shift her path from trail running to triathlon she introduced me to her trail runner friends when she found out that I love hiking. Her friend made an event last July to encourage runners, hikers and aspiring trail runners in Cebu to support G.R.i.T (Girls, Running, In, Trails). Please refer to this post GRiT Cebu first met up @Spartan Trail. Our Admin (Kai Savvy TrailJunkie in her Fb-account) encourage everyone to join Pamutan trail fest 2018. And of course my cousin promise to join me in my first very own trail run, I was convinced to register myself.

First part of the assault.

Behind the scene of this photo was I felt like vomiting. I was late for almost an hour and I did not have a sleep at all.  I went to Manila to a week before this event and my flight from Clark To Cebu was delayed for an hour. Though I was late, they encouraged me to cope up with the runners. Thanks a lot to my companion “Juan” also his first in trail running. He waited for me along the trail since Pamutan trail was his playground. So we have 7 hours to cope up with the runners. For 14k runners we have 8 hours for our cut-off time to reach the finish line same place for the starting point of the trail.


  • 7k Fun trail gun starts @5:30 ends @ 9:30 am
  • 14k Fun trail gun starts @5:00 ends @ 1:00 pm
  • 22k Half Marathon gun starts @4:30 ends @ 2:00 pm
  • 42K Marathon gun starts @12 midnight ends @12 noon

I initially registered to run half marathon but my cousin back out from the race since there’ll be a conflict for her upcoming triathlon event. So I decided to change my plan also because of my budget.

Trying to make a face to start the race in a positive vibes though my energy was not enough by that time.
P.S. I used this preset because I felt gloomy for being late from the race.
To the grassland we go, overlooking the other side of the city.
Still have 2km to finish the race.

My first trail run race ever was tough and overwhelming since I finish the race more than an hour before my cut off. I received a finisher medal and was too exhausted to take pictures from the organizers and most of the runners that I know already went home since they’ve joined 7k fun trail. Our admin Miss Kai was the podium finisher for 7k and received two medals. She did not join the marathon since she will have her marathon 50k in Malaysia.

After the race I am now a proud G.R.i.T member from Cebu. 🙂

All thanks to my fellow G.R.i.T friends, my companions from hiking whom I encourage to join with me from the race. Can’t wait to join the Magma trail fest soon.

Cheers! See you around . .




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