A Hiking We Will Go: @Spartan Trail, Cebu Mountain Barangays

“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it. “Rosalia de Castro”
Let’s hit the trail. . .
We were on the first hour of the trail when I forgot that my Strava app was not recording at that time. I was trying to record our trail but my battery was not enough. However; my companion was able to record the whole distance from the start to the end of the trail. A total of 18.6 km when we reach the street heading to Temple of Leah in Busay.

The whole team who were part of this hiking event was not able to achieve the starting time 7 am which was the real plan. We we’re able to start the trek around 8 am because some of us were late.

Credits to Ducs for this wonderful photo. Her team called the first part of the trail the cursed part of Spartan trail.

Going up here was never easy, some of us vomited and wanted to quit. The good thing was, most who joined the trek, was so supportive to each other to finish the cursed part of Spartan trail. Good job, guys!

Credits to @marje992 for this phot, on our way to the first stop “Mango Tree”. Everyone was suddenly felt exhausted upon reaching our first stopover.
Water source on the trail was here, we found local’s washing their laundry.
Naughang Sapa ” One of my companions description when we passed by this empty river heading to the stream.
New Tres Marias; on my first Spartan I was with two girls as well and we’re dubbed as Tres Marias like this too. What a dejavu.
Leave no trace. .
We deserve this after our long trail. .
Team KALAIN;Kaon,Inom,Lakaw. Watching them made me hungry.
We’re so much in a hurry to reach Barangay Pamutan for our lunch when this part of the trail awestruck everyone.


Full stop ladies, trying to pose though we’re really hungry already.
Trying to blend after we had our lunch @barangay Pamutan.
After lunch in Barangay Pamutan, everyone’s up now to Muffin hill or Bocaue Peak.
Got addicted by yellow 🙂 How to feel pretty on trail. .
Jump shot that gone wrong. .
Finally our newbie in hiking “Cadiz” was convince to joined us. So what view you would like to share with your friends?
Ducs together with her colleagues and some members of KALAIN @muffin hill.


Another break free @Mt. Babag chasing sunset but the scenic view in front of me whispering that I should visit them next time.
RCPI towers located at Mt. Babag on our way down to Temple Leah.
So this was the view we encounter to wrap up our hiking adventure.

Thanks for dropping by, Cheers!



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