Unanticipated adventure @Mt. Taal’s Active Crater

Hold on tight, ” “And let the winds of the heavens dance between you. “Khalil Gibran”

Taal volcano was referred to as a complex volcano as it was considered to be one of the most active and dangerous volcanoes of the Philippines. During my visit last August this year, my sole purpose was only to take photos and viewing Mt. Taal from a distance. But the tricycle driver who took us near the popular park where you can view Mt. Taal was so damn good in persuading me to cross the lake and see the crater myself. And my aunt who took me to Tagaytay located in the south of Manila, a popular town for holiday. Had no choice but to come with me going to Taal volcano’s crater. 

Expenses that we least expected:

  1. Boat ride fee to and fro was P2000.
  2. Environmental fee P100.
  3. Horse ride fee (optional) P500 each.
  4. Tour Guide fee (optional) P500.
  5. Tricycle ride to and fro Silang Junction North, Tagaytay, (Super Metro Gaisano) fee was P400 and going down the port.
  6. Hidden fee: P50 for the local old woman who put a small ladder while the boat’s on stationary.

P.S. Please expect to get wet while crossing to Taal volcano’s crater as the wind in the lake was too unpredictable. It was indeed an adventure crossing the lake by banca (local term for small boat) because the speed was a bit fast and wavy. My aunt could not complain who accompanied me seeking a nice place that’s not too far from Manila during my visit. After I’ve watched Paramore’s concert at that night, I deserved a nice out-of-town trip before heading back to my beloved city. 

From Makati it took us a long time to find a bus that can take us to Tagaytay because of the route changes since there was a new skyway construction on going somewhere in the city. Please bear with me as this was my second time in Manila and I am so lucky that my aunt was so supportive of her niece whose always got itchy feet at this time of the year. From Manila to Tagaytay it took us ETA 3 hours because we’ve encountered a congested traffic in Dasmariñas.

We arrived at Super Metro Hypermarket at Silang Junction North, Tagaytay Cavite around 12 noon so we ate lunch first at Greenwich pizza located in the lvl 1. Outside the supermarket, there were motorcycle lining and I’d really commended the local’s hospitality. Good thing my aunt’s a bit aggressive since she’s on her senior stage already and she’s very straightforward and never hesitate to ask the locals.


Our main destination supposedly was Tagaytay’s Picnic Grove but suddenly when the driver told us a lot of things I was convinced to followed his suggestion. And of course, while we were heading down on zigzag like in Ligaya drive. Numbers of resorts can be found for you to choose from on which would take you the crater of Taal. Our driver already had his contact which he’d take us at that moment.


I was actually too hesitant because it was almost 2 o’clock in the afternoon. But since we’re already there we need to make the most of it, fighting!

Banca’s on stationary along the shoreline as we chase Taal Volcano’s active crater.
Meet my aunt Lourdes, very active and aggressive for her age to explore and have fun far from the city.

This smile on our face faded as we head along the lake. The waves crashing all over me. I really had fun though I was so wet for the whole trip and the caretaker of the banca told me no need to change for I will get dry on the trail going up the crater. I highly recommend that if you visit Taal’s crater be on your proper attire. I was too enthusiastic about heading to Tagaytay wearing a casual dress. 

Can’t take a photo using my camera because it was too wavy. But I’m still lucky to take a photo for the non-active part of Taal.

When I was still in my elementary years, I’ve learned that Taal volcano the small mountain you can see in the picture really look like that. But our companion in the small boat told us that part of Taal was not active.

So we’re all set to go uphill and I’m so freaking loving my horse, by the way, she’s Katherine. My horse pretty enthusiastic as I hop on top of her.
Please don’t mind my position, along with this trail we passed by a rock that blow’s smoke.

Katherine “my horse” whose very enthusiastic won’t like that the guide holds the rope and follow him in trail. Instead he wanted to slowly hopping and was about to run and forgot that I was on top of her.

Finally, we’re here, we arrived less than an hour heading on the top viewing of Taal’s active crater.
Was just using my phone to take some photos since I forgot to bring the digital camera I left in my bag. 

As we are trying our best to take photos on top, locals nearby were very persistent to take photos of us together. I found out that they’ve a printer where they can print the photos and sell it to the tourist for P150 each. Just WOW! We’ve paid so much before going up here and now they’re trying to ruin everyone’s mood.

Even tourist from other countries was distracted at that time. I was about to head to the red rock part where you can really take a great picture for the whole place. However; there was a separate entrance fee for P50. It was a bit disappointing because I was already on top and we decided not to go to since my aunt told me we’ve already paid a lot.

Smile, even though the winds trying to ruin our hair lol!

If you’re already on top you should tie your hair. This photo was taken from my phone as well. But on our way home locals were very persistent to sell the photos they’ve taken from us. They gave up and sold us the five photos for only a hundred because we really told them that we’re not interested to buy the photos but eventually my aunt gave them a chance and its a lesson for us that we experience this on top of Taal’s active crater.

On the other side of the crater, my aunt told me that she’ll probably won’t come back here if I invited her for the second time because of the experience.

On top of the right side part of the crater, there was a small building where you also view the whole crater. But the wind ruin my back lol!
Sunset’s approaching and we need to head down because we don’t want to travel in the banca where the sunsets already. Meet Yang my companion for my Paramore trip.
Don’t mess with my hair.

To wrap it up, experience’s the best teacher. We won’t learn something if you won’t give it a try, and I’m glad I did! My aunt as well told me that this experience was part if you travel. “If there are two roads on your way, which would you choose then?” Choose the crooked one, it may be difficult but that’s life. Don’t live a life that you’ll regret something because you didn’t even give it a try.

Thanks for dropping by, see you in my next adventure. Cheers!


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