A gusty breeze @Balinsasayaw Twin Lake


“Dayon Kamu” locally means ” Come in”. Balinsasayaw twin lake facts. Feel the gusty breeze once you travel along the road to Balinsasayaw twin lake. Who would have thought that in the middle of our trip rain would start to pour out and there’s no stopping and coming back. Everyone’s soaking from the rain. There’s nowhere to shed ourselves from the rain. And I was like a bit pissed off of myself for wearing inappropriate clothing for this adventure.

A motorcycle that has a loud sound is not allowed at the entrance of the park to preserve the bird’s environment. This is not to disturb their peaceful environment.

The weather was absolutely amazing when we arrived since you’ll never get a chance to feel the coldness if you’re in a crowded city. Everything was supposedly perfect if only I brought with me my jacket. After paying the entrance fee for (P40) each, supposedly we will have a chance to get a discount if one of our companions inform one of the staff (her relative) ahead of time prior our visit. We began to roam around the place and started walking to the main entrance of the lake.


I’ll dedicate this blog to my companion Mariane who’ll I’ll probably miss since she already decided to teach in Vietnam for three years. I was so lucky that we have the same schedule for our passport application in Dumaguete City. We stayed overnight at her mother’s hometown where I met her family’s relatives on her mother side.

It was pretty awesome how easily for someone like me to get along with her cousins, aunt, uncle & grandmother at that night. These kind of experienced was made my adventures worth exploring for. My mother’s hometown was from the next suburb too probably 2 hours away from Sibulan where Marian’s mother’s hometown located.

Hitting the way to Balinsasayaw twin lake was pretty tough because of the gloomy weather.

Though the weather was not that great in the morning, everyone was still excited including Marian’s cousin who took us to the twin lake.

Do you think Marian felt the gusty breeze when we reached the lake? What do you think?

I admit that it was freaking cold when we reached the lake side. However; it gave us a different chills and the breeze was so refreshing.  If you’re used to a city life you will probably needing a fresh sight and air to breathe.


“May you have the hindsight to know where you’ve been, The foresight to know where you are going, And the insight to know when you have gone too far”
 “Irish Blessings quote”

Setting your foot in Balinsasayaw Twin Lake, you must read the legal basis that include “Do’s & Don’ts” for your guidance. Please refer on this link. Activities are actually available but good timing is a must to enjoy great time in the lake. There’s a waterfalls nearby the lake, picturesque landscape surrounding the lake. I’m really hoping that my next visit would be great especially the weather itself.


QQE-Silvermist now signing off. 

“It’s by chance we met, by choice we became friends.” Unknown” How good is saying goodbye? 

People come and go as they say, so as friend that become a great part of your life. You can’t really say that saying goodbye is good literally. It’s within ourselves on how we perceived goodness when someone say goodbye.

Play the moments, and let it be. Every moments in our life is precious. Seek optimism in everything that you do. No one can rule your life, its you alone who can choose and make decisions, not them.

Pause the memories, and play it back. It maybe good or bad memories. Memories are memories made for us to remember the good times and bad times we spent with someone. Memories will be part of our history  and that history has a great impact on who you are today.

Stop the pain, and don’t look back. If someone or something hurt you in the past don’t let the pain stop you from reaching your goals. Reflect on what went wrong, it’s okay to get hurt it’s part of our daily life.

Rewind the happiness, and repeat how it does it feel. Someone or something made us realize that happiness does not comes with luxury or money. It’s for free most of the time! Rewind those happy memories you had by doing it again.

“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.”— John Wooden


I hope everything will work out for your new journey in Vietnam. Show them what we’ve got as a Filipino teacher. Enjoy your time there and make the most of it. See you when I see you @marianne

Our last destination on that day. We missed to take photos together @the twin lake because of the raindrops.



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