Expansive View Of Shoreline From Anda’s Vibrant Beach and Panoramic View

Andamazing. . . .

I was just too curious before when I’d hear about Anda, Bohol from my colleagues ages ago. And never would’ve thought that I can visit the place this year. Been busy hiking and joining groups for different events in the mountains. Then suddenly my colleague asked a favor to me to take her to Binabaje hills in Alicia Bohol when she saw my posts. She even promised to pay for my fare ticket as her birthday hike this year.


Most of my colleagues dubbed me as one of the risk takers when in comes to adventures. So, I was convinced to go on absent just to spent my Saturday @Bohol but what made me convince was I’m planning to change the minor excursion to Anda instead of Candijay alone for the next day.

Plan Itinerary Day 1

  • 6:00 A.M    ETD Meet up @ Lapu-Lapu City (Ferry boat)
  • 6:40 A.M    ETA @ Pier 3, take Jetstar bound to Tubigon Bohol

But everything went wrong when my colleague woke up late and we end up meeting around 7 in the morning almost 8 am arrive at the ferry-boat from Lapu-lapu City to pier 3. And I realize it was too late and I need to change the plan. 

Final Itinerary Day 1

  • 7:45 A.M    ETD Meet up @ Lapu-Lapu City (Ferry boat)
  • 8:40 A.M    ETA @ Pier 3, take Jetstar bound to Tubigon Bohol
  • 10:30 A.M  ETA @ Tubigon Port, Bohol
  • 11:20 A.M  ETD we took a Van from Tubigon to Carmen (P80 each)
  • 12: 35 P.M  ETA @ Carmen, Market
  • 1:00 P.M     ETA we took Ceres bus going to Alicia, Bohol (P40 each)
  • 2:35 P.M     ETD going to Alicia, Binabaje Hills; Start point
  • 3:00 P.M     We started our hike going up the hills.

Indeed  “Everything happens for a reason”. After we end our day in Alicia, we told our guide to take us to Anda since it was getting darker to push through our plan heading to Candinjay.



We stayed at Zenith Resto Bar & Inn for a night.

My companion Jujane was too excited about this trip and because she can’t find the suggested cheapest accommodation in Anda. We end up choosing Zenith which was I think, its better because the place was located in the center of the town. We tried to cleaned up ourselves and went out. We found a small barbecue place nearby our Inn and had our dinner there. We only spent less than P150 together for our dinner. We head back to our room and rest to have lots of energy for the next day.

So this was the Inn, that my companion read about on one of the blog. When she’s doing her researched for this trip. The place was just along on the left side of Zenith where we stayed for a night.

We had our morning stroll first hour in the morning. Because I was too lazy to get up, Jujane my companion blamed me that we we’re not able to watch the sunrise. We met a resident from the beach name Jodee and offered a ride for P300 round tour in Anda. Heading to the two popular caves. Cabagnow and Kombento cave. Before we agreed, we had our stroll first then we decided to go to the cave early in the morning to avoid crowd.

Anda’s hidden beach, facing Camiguin island.
Face be like “sa mga gutom” (means starving). We did not have our breakfast yet then, we’re so enthusiastic to start our mini tour in Anda.

We had our stop first at Combento cave. There we’re two other caves if you visit Combento cave first. The other one was too small that’s really good for children and the other one was still closed. Combento cave was too refreshing, that we did not hesitant to soak ourselves. Even our guide was too excited because Combento cave was one of his favorite because of its freshness and cleanliness.

@Combento cave, I look like a vibrant lady that was too excited to soak herself in her madness of exploration and adventures.
The mini cave on the left side of Combento cave. The other cave was not available for tourist because it was too complicated for someone to explore inside.
The exposure of the light if your inside in Combento cave was totally too bright. Please don’t mind my posture, meet my companion Jujane, “the OOTD Girl”.
Welcome to Cabagnow Cave Pool. We’re so lucky because there’s no crowd when we arrived.

Before I attempted my jump @Cabagnow cave pool, I relaxed my mind and started to breathe a lot. Because, I’m still nervous though I really love jumping and swimming but this was new to me.

Again, please don’t mind my position. After I jumped, my companion used the stairs to go down since she does not know how to swim. Floaters are included with the entrance fee, but you need to pay separately for life vest.

I’m so lucky that I know how to swim. I’ve really enjoyed my time in the water. We spent an hour in Cabagnow and I’ve tried to relaxed my mind floating myself to the cave’s freshness. Guess who’s lucky to owned the whole place? So, I really recommend that you head first and explore Anda’s natural cave pool to avoid crowd. We decided to leave the place when we saw lot’s of people arriving in the place. Our guide had a laugh and made some jokes that to those who’ve just arrived ‘enjoy the water we already pee, so we’re okay’ lol! 


After we had great time exploring some of Anda’s hidden gem. We went back to Zenith and had our breakfast. Our stay includes breakfast. For their breakfast they have Filipino and Western style breakfast. Of course our activities starved me a lot, I chose Filipino breakfast. The food and serving was superb, I was so delighted because the ambiance was so refreshing and traditional. “Indeed the best things in life are for free, and now I know why. 

We then, did not waste any time and head down to the beach again. This time we played a lot and took lot’s of photos in the beach. Anda’s shoreline was had a great panoramic and expansive view beyond. We walked towards where people can’t really notice us so that we’ll feel more comfortable.

These are some of the places along the beach.

Please excuse me for posing with the starfish. I know I don’t have the right to pick the starfish from the sea as they’re very sensitive and there were recent issues that has been raised. Because some tourist tried to pick and throw starfish while taking a photo with it.

I was personally sadden for the viral photos, where a group of people throw out starfish as they’re about to take a jump shot.

“In order to handle a life starfish properly, you need to gently pick it up and not bend or break its arms, which may be somewhat fragile and small on a number of species”credits to the source”. Handling Alive Starfish, please click for more information.

When I was about to pick the starfish, it was on top of the sand. They look exciting when I saw some of them in the water but of course we should be a responsible tourist. We should avoid destructing the sea creatures environment.

Funny thing while I was enjoying under the sun was my companion hear someone shouting at us telling “akin yung mataba”. Means the fat one’s mine. Because Jujane’s pretty fit she teased and made fun of me. I’d just tried to ignore them since I’m not in this paradise for them.

“Akin parin ang mataba” (the fat’s mine). This quote was in my mind for the whole trip after we finish our day in Anda.

Jujane’s thoughts for this trip.

Best moments happen when they are unplanned. It definitely is. Because we did not properly planned, engaging in this Bohol trip gave me doubts if it’ll be worth the spend or it’ll be just a waste of money lol. But since I’m in total desperation to satisfy my itchy feet’s craving since it was already five months that I had my last trip, I pushed through it. Fair enough, this trip gave me a hell of a ride experience to places I didn’t expect that existed in Bohol. The cold, dark, deep and creepy yet amazingly amazing caves of Anda made me realize that I need to practice swimming HAHAHAHA. The sugar like, “glutathione-user” (lol coz it’s insanely white) sand of Anda and it’s Boracay-like view filled my heart with so much gratitude for being able to see this kind of wonderful creation.

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