Happy Hikers @ Candijay, Bohol Philippines

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. “Beverly Sills”

Entering Eleuterio’s Cadapdapan Rice Terraces and Mountain Resort.

The municipality of Candijay is located in the eastern part of Bohol, approximately 97 kilometers away from Tagbilaran city. The name of the town is said to have been derived from Kang Dihay, which means “belonging to Dihay”, a strong man with many followers. In time, the name was changed to Candijay. The town was organized during the Spanish regime and was then one of the 34 towns in the province in 1879. Source @bohol.ph please click to read more information about Candijay.

My first visit in the north-eastern part of Bohol was superb, though we didn’t have a sleep at all. Recently, Candijay was considered as a minor excursion for hikers who usually went to Binabaje hills in Alicia. But little we did know, The Municipality  of Candijay has a lot of things/places to offer for tourists.

All you need to do is prepare P20 for the entrance fee on their wonderful spots. Please be reminded that upon heading to these spots you’ll pay P20 serve as your entrance fee to Can-umantad falls, so don’t throw your ticket. And if you want to go inside @Eleuterio’s field there’ll be a separate fee for P20 each since it’s a private area. Same as going inside Canawa cold spring you’ll pay a separate fee for P20 each.

Here’s the list of the most visited spots in Candijay:

  • Eleuterio’s Cadapdapan Rice Terraces and Mountain Resort.
  • Canumantad Falls.
  • Canawa Cold Spring.

Common transportation heading to Candijay’s tourist spots is motorcycle commonly known as “habal-habal”.  There are different routes on how to reach Candijay. Some tourist who visited Tagbilaran can either take a V-Hire or Bus heading to north. Or if you came from Anda and you want to visit Candijay, either you rent a motorcycle from Anda or a van. But in my case when I went to Anda, we took a motorcyle that can take us to Guindulman, and from there we took a bus. More to that, if you went to Alicia first then you’ll visit Candijay after, usually your tour guide will offer a ride for your convenience.

  • From Anda to Candijay, we took a motorcycle P50 each heading to Guindulman. And from Guindulman, we took a bus P12 each going to Candijay. Just tell the bus driver that your going to the rice fields or the waterfalls. And from Candijay if you there are some motorcycle lining that can take you to their spots. The regular price is P100 each.
  • From Alicia to Candijay, we took a motorcycle P150 each heading to the three spots: Rice fields, Waterfalls & Cold Spring. My first visit from Alicia the motorcycle driver asked for P300 each which was doubled from my second visit. We had a different driver at that time since most of the tour guide went to Dagohoy for motocross activity.

I consider this trip a happy trip since everything’s green everywhere. I am very delighted upon seeing wonderful hills as we traveled heading to our first destination the rice fields in Bohol. Since this spot was being featured nationwide. On one of the best Magazine  TV show, most tourist are now interested to travel on the north side of Bohol.  Tourist considers,these spots you’ll found in the North of Bohol, as underrated tourist destination since Bohol’s popular with its Chocolate Hills etc.

First stop, Eleuterio’s Rice Terraces & Mountain View Resort. If you want to have a glimpse of what rice fields looks like , this place is a good for starter. I never been to Mountain province region, but this scenic expansive view delighted my imaginations.

I’m using our old Sony action camera for taking photos in this area. This camera’s pretty awesome because it has a wide angle that can capture most parts of the places I’ve visited in Bohol.
It was too hot when we arrived. So, I took the chance to walked in the fields because it was dry compared to my first visit of the place.

Next stop, Can-Umantad waterfalls. About 5-10 minutes away from Eleuterio’s Rice Terraces & Mountain View Resort we arrived in the falls. You just need to show your ticket and one of their staffs will guide every guest.

This season’s the water not so much. And guess what? The water came from Eleuterio’s Rice Terraces.
Took every chance to have a selfie with my #Sony action camera.
Before we leave the place, I took another shot to fulfill my eyes desire with this beautiful nature.

And our last stop was @Canawa Cold Spring. Actually, in my second visit I could not make it to the Spring because we’re running our of time. So this picture I will show was the first visit I made in this enchanting cold spring.

Upon arriving you’ll need to pay an entrance fee and your good to go.
Some cottage are along the way good for group of people. The atmosphere pretty fresh and cold. This part of the cold spring’s really suitable for kids and those who don’t know how to swim.
The cold spring’s really deep. Local’s shared stories that a group of people attempted to dive but can’t really figure out the end part. That’s why locals found the cold spring pretty enchanting at the time it able to help their community. Especially it became their source for water and they can get income from tourist who will visit the place.

In case you really love to go to the deeper part of the spring. There’s a rope in the middle and you should rent a floaters to enjoy your time. It was pretty refreshing, the cold was not that much. You will really enjoy your time. Some locals went up to jump, even foreigners who were there had a great time in the spring.


Pretty advantage for me again since I know how to swim. Thanks to my companion who remember to take some photos before we end our journey in Bohol and go back to our hometown.

Another memorable adventure ends and I’m pretty sure the days I’ve spent in Bohol will always be a good memory for me and for my companion.

Cheers! See yah! 🙂

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