Crisp sparkle of the sea @Dauin, Negros Oriental

Dauin: Masaplod Marine Sanctuary

Our supposed morning stroll for our last day in Dumaguete turn out to be more exciting compared the night trip we had. After we spent time at Dumaguete’s Painitan in the centre of their Market. My cousin, “Lloyd” we’re we stayed for a night, suggested that we will go Dauin’s Sanctuary.

Dumaguete’s Painitan; in the center of their public market.

Let me introduce Dumaguete’s worthy morning stroll for your light breakfast. Their painitan in English means “warm” or to keep you warm” was worthy for your time and budget. We Filipinos usually have a cup of coffee or “sikwate” (native hot chocolate) early in the morning and the most common tradition that we paire for coffee or sikwate is “puto maya” or sticky rice.


I personally love putting the “sikwate” or native hot chocolate on top of my sticky rice every time I have it in the morning. What excites me about their sikwate it was different compare to what we have in Cebu. Their native hot chocolate was sticky and it was really like a real chocolate. They even have a caramel if you love to have too. Dumaguete’s Painitan was a bit long and their were several stalls that you can choose from. This is a must try if you visit when in Dumaguete. Their public’s already busy early in the morning. Different delicacies that you can also try aside from the popular sticky rice.


After our delightful light breakfast, we went inside the market to buy some fresh seafoods and meat. My couzin even bought a flower that my friend hold on to while having our breakfast. Indeed, it was a wonderful morning to start with. My cousin’s wife cooked something for breakfast before we go to Dauin so that we’re all full to have fun in the beach.

Pretty advantage for me and my friend when we head down to Dauin’s sanctuary because my cousin has a motorcycle. From Bacong to Dauin it took us lessn than 30 minutes to arrived.

When we arrived, I was too enthusiastic when I saw Mt. Talinis from afar, my dream mountain to climb in Negros island region.


If beaches in Cebu were white and fine, the sand in Dauin was pretty different. It was a black beauty fine sand. It has a long shoreline as we entered along the beach. And both us were very excited because there were beautiful spots that you can take pictures with.

Cant’ help myself suddenly I went to the sea and soak myself with madness.

When we stop in the middle of the shoreline, I decided to rent a snorkel and swim in the sea because facing in front of you is the sanctuary where you can see different kinds of sea creatures.

Damn, what I saw underwater was so amazing.

If you don’t have your own snorkel gears you can rent for only 100-150 depending which mini shop you will rent it. The place’s a public beach so you’ll probably have a good time and nothing to worry about not unless if you’re with group of friends or family because you really need to rent a cottage nearby.

While I was on the sea, I saw some foreigner’s diving and snorkeling. If you look at my cover photo for this blog, the small island you can spot on the right side is the “Apo island”. Where you can chase turtles and do scuba diving. In our case, we did not have enough budget to go to Apo island. Instead, after Dauin, we will go to some popular spots in Dumaguete which was located in the next suburb in “Valencia”.


Before we left the place my companion took some photos and I’ve lost most of the photos that we had together. Now we’re so ready to explore the other place that worth your time if you visit Dumaguete.

We head down first @Pulang Bato (Red Rock) falls.

When we arrived the place was already filled with tourist. Entrance fee was P50 and you’re free to roam round the whole place. If your into photography, you really need to explore the whole place to find a good spots for taking photos.

We went up and found a good spot away from the crowd. Since we really wanted to enjoy the waterfalls we spent an hour in the whole place.

The unique blend of orange/red color of Pulang Bato (Red Rock) falls was due to its sulfur deposits. This waterfalls was located at the foot of Cuernos de Negros. Other spots like hot spring and sulfur vents were along the way if you visit Pulang bato falls.

Nature always makes me happy.

On our way back, we had our stop along the road to take some photos quickly because the smoke of sulfur vents not good for everyone.

We’re not that fortunate enough because there were lots of vehicle passing by.
Then we had another stop from this new hanging footbridge because it was pretty amazing when we saw it along our way.
First footbridge, that I stepped on. 

The right posture should look like this. The stream down the footbridge was not full  of water. We spent for about 10-15 minutes before we went back to the mainland.

Would you dare?
Spotted, is it Mt. Talinis or Mt. Nakulon? 
Cheers! See you in my next adventures. 
Our last night @Dumaguete, my summer buddy “Jaffa Marie” 🙂

P.S. This blog was super delayed because I’ve been through a lot of activities recently. And I’d really love to talk a lot of things however, I’m out of words this month. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


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