Let’s Get Rocked: Canyoneering in Cebu, Philippines

You could not step twice into the same rivers; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.” – Heraclitus

Let’s go hard, because we’re on it!

My companions were so hyped for this adventure. I met them on time at the South bus terminal @3:00 am sharp going to the southern part of Cebu in Santader terminal. We will meet our guide from there, then we will take another bus going to Badian.

Upon arriving at Santander terminal we wait few minutes for our guide. It took him less than 20 minutes because the signal’s not so good in their place. I actually met our guide when I went in Oslob before. And since he’s from Oslob it would be an advantage for me to have a friend from there in case I’ll be having an adventure in the southern part of Cebu. He recommended a good agency for our canyoneering on that day and he’ll be a partner of our official guide for the activity.

Expected expenses for canyoneering:

  • Full course: P1500 each, including: gears, life vest, official guide and lunch @the 2 level of Kawasan falls after the activity.

In the past, the fee for canyoneering was negotiable as long as you know how to haggle. However; the municipality of Badian implemented a new law with regards of the fee. Because the next municipality which was Alegria and Badian had a conflict. To be fair since Kawasan falls was specifically located in Badian they restrict some route for those who will do canyoneering that already book from Alegria instead of Badian.

When we arrived at the agency where our guide recommended for, 3 groups including us were waiting for the go signal to start the activity. Please take note that the canyoneering activity is not always open anytime you wish to experience it. It requires luck and good timing as what happened to us. They usually start the activity 9 in the morning and close between 1-2pm. On the day of our canyoneering there was a heavy rain on that night. The condition and current of the water’s not pretty good so we waited patiently for the Mayor’s go signal. The weather’s pretty nice in that morning but the officials wanted to make sure that everyone’s doing the activity will enjoy and have a safe experience.

Registration and fitting for proper gear starts here.
This was the agency that my friend took us for registration and preparation for gears before we do the full course. The location was just along the road near the entrance of Kawasan falls.
And now we’re so ready to rock on the current of Kawasan falls stream. But what happened to my reaction in this picture?
So we’re all set and ready to conquer the stream going to Kawasan falls. 🙂
Don’t underestimate the power of banana for your adventures.

After the short orientation led by the designated officials on the jump-start of the course we took some time to prepare and energize ourselves for the 15-20 minute walk before we reach the first part of the stream.

Before we started the downhill trail, I took the chance to ask our guide to take a picture of me with this amazing view.

It was too slippery when we reached the first jump site of the course. People were lining to get ready on their first jump while me asking the guide to take photos with the rock formation on top of me. Even though the weather was pretty amazing on that day, the current of the water was a bit fast and you really need to pay attention.These are the following things that I’ve learned through the course.

  • You need to trust your guide and follow his instructions on which way you should jump. And listen on him every time he point a direction on which way you should stay while waiting for the others.
  • If you’re too hesitant to jump, ask for a suggestion from your guide.
  • Don’t jump right after the first person in front you jump from the canyons.
  • Be very vigilant and observant before you jump and walk or swim along the stream because there were unexpected rocks that will hit you suddenly.
  • And most of all, enjoy the whole activity because we only live once! 🙂

The following photos were the activities we did after we jump with the canyons and we also did some side trips after our canyoneering.

After I did the insanely jump around 40-50 feet where people are lining to jump, I also did the most exciting Tarzan jump without a life vest.
Too risky and full of herself, I walk along this slippery path just to fulfill my love of taking nice angle nature photography. Don’t do this if your already exhausted after all the jumps that you did in the canyons.
So I went down and it was still slippery and current of water was no joke but it was still all worth it. 
Finally, lunch was served at the 2nd level of Kawasan falls. We decided not to the jump to the second level since most of us were too exhausted.
Too crowded as we head down to the third level of the waterfalls. 
Who said the adventure’s over? We’re on our way now to chasing the sardines and sunset in Moalboal. 
Crazy Filipinos as what most foreigners said if they saw this extreme habal-habal ride with 5 people in a motorcycle.
If you swim near the small boat the sardines are waiting for you. This was for free, no entrance fee needed as long as you know how to swim. You can also rent snorkels and flippers on the small shops near the beach.
I’m coming to chase these thousand sardines. . 
With “Rey” he was the man I met in Oslob and we had our final stop at “Basdaku Beach” to chase the sunset. Entrance fee was P10 each.
“Yoyo” my student can’t help herself but fall in love as the sunsets. . we stayed for about 30 minutes in the beach to relax before we go back home.
I was thinking of going down to the beach but was mesmerized when I saw this wonderful sky as I lay down and I was in an awe in that moment.
The color of the sky’s suddenly change and gosh it was so beautiful. 

To sum it up, our adventure was pretty amazing. When our guide and Rey sent us to the bus stop bound to Cebu City, we were so tired to stand and walk along the street. My student and her friend, Catherine was very satisfied with this trip and kept on saying thank you. I was very delighted that I was able to give them a nice itinerary and memories before they’ll go back Taiwan.

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