Alicia’s Panoramic Park: Binabaje Hills (My Extreme Ride)

Before we had our night @Anda in Zenith Resto Bar & Inn with my companion we hit the trail first in Binabaje Hills, Cambaol Alicia, Bohol. We started the trail around 3pm and mind you it was too freaking hot when we started hiking. We could no longer argue with each other because we’re already there and we need to finish hiking before the sun sets. Our guide “Aldrin” was amused with our pacing hiking on top because we need to stop from time to time. And from our first stop, he decided to get his motorcycle because time’s running and we need to reach on top before 5pm.

Because it took a long time for our guide to come back, we decided to start hiking again though it was still very hot and tiring. But look at this awesome view, would you feel tired at all?

While we were on our way to the top, we heard motorcycles coming. And as the motorcycles getting closer from us, we were surprised that there were a lot of them. Thinking that our guide was together with them, we felt relieved and excited. But to our surprise, he’s on his way to catch up with them, because they’re gonna do a live video on Facebook as they’re riding their motorcycles on top of the hills. Lucky enough two motorcycles stopped as they’ve passed by and they let us ride until the foot part of the last hill heading on top.


Before we started the last cursed part for hikers which the assault part, but mind you it was challenging only for the both of us because we’re not fully prepared and my bag was too heavy and I did not have enough sleep at that time. We took some photos because the view’s really fantastic.

Look what Alicia made my companion as we almost reach the top.
And finally, we’re on top! We did it! Thank goodness! 🙂

This blog was so dear to me as this was my first time to experience extreme motorcycle ride on top of the mountain hills. We were so lucky because our guide’s rider friends were so enthusiastic that we should try riding with them as we go down the hills. And guys that were truly awesome! Nerve-wracking but it was all worth it! My second visit in Alicia was very exciting that made me want to visit the place again and again. Thanks a lot to Kuya Aldrin, our guide and his team riders.

Come and visit Binabaje Hills in Cambaol, Alicia Bohol Philippines.
Thank you so much for this photo, this motorcycle was very awesome. Everyone was truly great upon our visit and I’ll probably come back again for camping next year.

Frequent questions from my colleagues and friends on who they should contact if they will visit Binabaje Hills in Cambaol, Alicia will be the tourism officer assign in Alicia. You can contact them through this mobile number 09777299102 so that they can prepare the assigned guide for your visit. If you can’t contact them an alternate person would be our guide Kuya Aldrin his number’s 09392438582.

Final Itinerary Day 1

  • 7:45 A.M    ETD Meet up @ Lapu-Lapu City (Ferry boat)
  • 8:40 A.M    ETA @ Pier 3, take Jetstar bound to Tubigon Bohol
  • 10:30 A.M  ETA @ Tubigon Port, Bohol
  • 11:20 A.M  ETD we took a Van from Tubigon to Carmen (P80 each)
  • 12: 35 P.M  ETA @ Carmen, Market
  • 1:00 P.M     ETA we took Ceres bus going to Alicia, Bohol (P40 each)
  • 2:35 P.M     ETD going to Alicia, Binabaje Hills; Start point
  • 3:00 P.M     We started our hike going up the hills. 
  • Guide fee P300 good for 5 people for a day hike only. 
  • P200 each for motorcycle ride from Alicia Public Market to the jump-start of our hike and going back to the Market after our hike.
Final thoughts would be I’ll be back again for camping because aside from its panoramic view on top. On my first visit to Alicia, we started hiking 5am and the stars from the sky were visible and felt like you can reach them when you’re on top. So, see you again Binabaje Hills, cheers!
A lot of thanks to our guide Kuya Aldrin, he was such an amazing person throughout our journey. After Alicia, he sent us to Anda where we stay for our second day. And on our final day, we met him in Candijay for a short excursion before we go back Cebu.

And this was my year end visit for 2018 in Bohol. To more adventure awaits this coming 2019, cheers!!


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