Riding in the waves @Siargao Island, Philippines

Surfing Capital of the Philippines: Siargao, is a tear-drop shaped island in the Philippine Sea situated 800 kilometers southeast of Manila in the province of Surigao del Norte. (Source @wikipedia


Before the month of Summer starts, we end the month of May a blast heading to Siargao island. It took me time to reminisce the good things we had together as some of my colleagues didn’t push through for this trip.

This trip was supposed to be my colleagues plan on their aisle (mostly cubicle mate) since one of their aisle mate’s from Siargao. My friend from that aisle mention my name to bring me with them in Siargao because I love travelling and adventures.

TEAM SIARGAO’S Itineraries:

  • Day 1 : Exploring the long coastline of Pacifico Beach Resort, located in San Isidro, northern part of Siargao.
  • Day 2 : Island hopping, heading to Kawhagan Island. Sugba Lagoon and Magpupungko Tidal Wave and Rock Pool.
  • Day 3: Island hopping again heading to, Guyam Island, Gamay (Naked Island) and Daku Island. We we’re not able to achieved the other islands only Guyam Island because of the unexpected big waves. After Island hopping we went to General Luna Surfing Camp or commonly known as Cloud 9.
  • Day 4: Travel to Surigao City, to take a ship heading back to Cebu.

Sample breakdown of our expenses :

  • Cebu Pacific Airline fare P1500 each Cebu-Siargao. Booked two months before our travel date.
  • P5000 each, home-stay, food, transportation and island hopping activities.
  • P1000 each, Surigao-Cebu via M/V Lady of Love by Medallion Transport Inc.
  • Buying of souvenirs and late night snacks and fast food dining was from our own expenses.
  • P500 each/1hr only for the surfing activity @Cloud9 including a surfing instructor. You can also rent a surfing board for only P300 if you already know how to do surfing. Additional fee will be included if you ask assistance for your instructor to take some pictures or video during the activity.


Credits to Cascade for these group photos 🙂

Day 1 @Pacifico long coastline beach resort, was a blast!

Iconic rock formation, where you can sit like a queen.
How to act like a family in a photo.
Love the waves.

We arrived in the afternoon so we couldn’t make it to visit Magpupungko Tidal Wave and Rock Pool. Our host was Chaila’s mother. Together with me was Jaffa the tallest girl of the group and has a sexy body. Next was Onnah the lucky girl who celebrated her 23rd birthday on our 3rd day in Siargao. Then we have two men, Cascade the artist and Vladimir the traveler. Lastly was our host Chaila, whose Mom was from Surigao City but her mom usually visits Siargao from time to time and we stayed in their residence.

Day 2 An exciting gloomy trip to Sugba Lagoon and Magpupungko Tidal Wave and Rock Pool.

We woke up first our in the morning to wash and prepare then have our breakfast. It was a gloomy day on our way to Sugba Lagoon. We still consider it a lucky day because we can see a bright light on our way to the tourism office. Chaila’s mom already prepared everything when we woke up. It was indeed a great day to start since we’re good to go. As I’ve mention on our fist day everything was already settled since our host will pay for the fees needed for our tour and food pack for our lunch. But I did my research when we reached Del Carmen Tourism office after we register heading to sugba lagoon.

For your reference on what fees you’ll be expecting upon visiting Sugba lagoon please contact the tourism office thru this number 09305510107.

Expected Fees on our Sugba Lagoon Tour:

  • Rentals
    Paddle Board Rental – P200/Hr
    Kayak Rental – P200/Hr
    Snorkel Gear – P200
    Table & Chairs – P100
    Stand on a Bamboo Raft P100/Hr
    Entrance Fee – P100
  • Docking Fee (Kawhagan) – P150
Mandatory Team Pose
Freshness on the go!
Kawhagan Island, our first stop before we reach Sugba Lagoon.
Mandatory Team Pose with Jampong our baby boy, Chaila’s brother.
Magpupungko’s crucial wave pose.
The entrance fee for the rock pools is 50 pesos or $1 USD. Please wear an appropriate footwear because sea urchins is everywhere.

Day 3 Welcoming our new place to stay for a night and visiting the popular islands in Siargao.

On our third day, we visited General Luna for a while before we went to our second accommodation nearby the downtown. We can’t do the surfing on that day because we will have another island hopping, visiting Guyam and Naked island.

General Luna Surfing Camp
Team Siargao’s Mandatory Barkada Pose.
Happy campers.

We’re not lucky enough to visit naked island because of the waves after we had fun in Guyam island. After our visit in Guyam island we had our stop nearby to swim and we played some games.

Guyam Island looks delicious from afar.
With Cascade Marie, our Jamaican vibe pose
Walk like Rihanna by: Casscade
Dine @one of the most popular Italian Restaurant in Siargao.

Day 4 Our heartfelt farewell to Siargao and short trip in Surigao City.

With my surfing instructor early in the morning.

Before we travel to Surigao City, together with Vladimir we decided to wake up as early as 4:30 am to experience surfing before leaving Siargao. It would be our great regret if we’re not able to experience the most exciting activity that you can only experience in Siargao which is surfing.

My personal experience after I did the surfing activity for an hour was superb. Felt like I was on cloud nine when I successfully stand on the surfing board on my third attempt. Your assign instructor will teach you first the basics about surfing before you’ll try it with the waves. You need to follow the instructions properly as per instructed from your instructor so that your surfing experience will be successful and worth of your time and money. It was indeed a wonderful experience to me and after the activity I felt something different and wanted to stay longer in the island. I’ll make sure to comeback next time just for the surfing activity and visit other islands. 









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