Watching for the perfect sunrise! (Mt.Naupa, Naga Cebu)


“As the world spins around just like time, it stops for nobody. OMG backlog-blogging.

I’ve been gallivanting from places to places to fulfil my soul of madness. And finally, I am now ready to share my wonderful journey. Who knows this can be your journey too.”

We’re on the rush heading to nowhere on that Saturday night. Everyone has their commitment in the morning before we even decided the time we should meet. And guess what, we met before the night comes. Our night camp destination was very popular to most of the Cebuano’s. We’re about to spend our night at Mt. Naupa, located at Naga, Cebu specifically in barangay Cogon. It took us time to finally take a jeepney heading to Naga because most jeepneys were already full. Both my companions trust me with this journey and I need to make sure that we will be there or else we will go back home since it was raining.

Fortunately, we were able to reach our destination. It took us a little bit late to reach the jumpstart of the trail late night around 8:25pm. My companion’s first time camping in the mountains was more exciting because of the unanticipated events we’ve encountered that night. It was my first time in Mt. Naupa and it enthralled me to take the trail at night.

The dark cold night shivers everyone as we arrived on the campsite. It took us less than an hour to reach the left side of Mt. Naupa’s campsite and hurriedly set everything up because we still need to cook our dinner. There were three groups including us sharing the campsite and the most numbers of the group were what everyone dub as “cool kids”. They were very noisy and our other neighbour group went to us personally and told us to shut up! I was surprised and was about to rant (maybe because I’m hungry at that time). Good thing that I was still able to hold myself back.

“ Every human being, of whatever origin, of whatever station, deserves respect. We must each respect others even as we respect ourselves. Ralph Waldo Emerson” 

That night left a lesson to everyone about respect.  Why does respect matter? Why should you show respect to others?

It’s time to sleep pose. Just ignore the surroundings and embrace the coldness.

Leave all your dramas and worries yesterday because it already belongs in the past.

The most awaited sunrise was so dramatic. Everyone’s been waiting for it before it even rises this high. However, it was a gloomy morning and the sunrises around 8 in the morning. The first thing that we did was to prepare our breakfast before we even started hiking the summit of Mt. Naupa. We were still able to take some photos, clean our area and left the group first because if you’re in our situation you would feel bad about their attitudes during that night.

A wonderful morning bliss. But after I set my tent and clean our place, you’ll be surprised at the back side because trashes were left behind by those who visited and stay the place. 😦


Reaching Mt. Naupa’s summit was every hiker’s training ground in hiking. I was finally able to reach one of the numerous peaks in Cebu. Mt. Naupa is the highest peak of Naga, Cebu. If you wish to chase sunrise or sunset this is the perfect place for you. However; there were lots of changes in the place for the past years.

  • There is two campsite when you reach Mt. Naupa. If it’s your first time like us,  the best campsite is on the right side. Because the ground is in good condition and no need to pay another P20 if you want to go to the peak compared to the other campsite on the left.
  • Trashes are everywhere on both campsites. We’re no longer kids that someone needs to remind us every time the right thing to do. Bring all your trashes with you. Be a good example to everyone and always make sure that follow the LNT (Leave No Trace) policy.
  • There are two places that most of us know where to take a motorcycle heading to Mt. Naupa. If you’re on a budget, it would be best to take a motorcycle in Bry Tungkop. Most of the drivers are originally from brgy Cogon and they never change their P50 fare. Unlike at the lane of Rikio some motorcycle drivers will raise their fare to P100 each.
  • If we’re new to the place the most reliable people to ask are locals of the area or even children because as we all know children don’t tell a lie. However; some children are now being worn by some of the older locals in Mt. Naupa. There was an incident where they persuade hikers to take the other trail and complained about the distance that was totally different from the jumpstart.
  • Lastly, respect everyone and enjoy one another’s company.


Just the three of us.

Salamat sa walang humpay na tawanan at kwentuhan sa gabing pinagsaluhan.

Sa mga akalang tayo’y di makakarating at sa kamuntikang kawalan ng pag-asa ng bumuhos ang ulan.

Kayo’y hindi sumuko at bumitiw sa tiwalang pinagkaloob nyo sa akin.

Sana sa munting alala na pinagsaluhan kayo’y hindi mag sawa na balikan ang mga sandaling tinahak ang daan patungong Mt. Naupa.

Cheers mga besh! Hangang sa muli. 🙂

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