Aussie Living in Cebu, Philippines

Pondering my 3 months, I lived in the Philippines.

I had an awesome time living in the Philippines. The humidity was between 50 % to 80% all the time while I was there. My home town is in Australia. In a city called Mildura. Yep, it’s a dry place to live, yep it’s a desert climate.  Ranging between -2°C to 52°C in both winter and summer.

Take a snap of my lovely place where I stayed for three months. Villa Tigula, Mactan

It took me a few weeks to get over things that are different. My wife did get grumpy with me when I made comparisons all the time. Such as buyer be aware compared to Aussie laws allowing you to get refunds or changeover on things. If you buy something over there. Make sure it’s not damaged first and it works. Refund policy’s very a lot from store to store. However, the staff is always super helpful too and very friendly.

I found the Philippines to be very laid back and friendly. Yet when you go into malls etc you will see and walk through metal detectors and sometimes get patted down. This is a bit of an eye-opening event for me. I am not used to people having an SMG slung on their hip.  Then as you walk around and look at the nice stores you really aware that you’re a white person that a lot of people look at. Yep, I am the odd guy in the crowd.  However, that did not faze me and I did not worry or care about it.

My job was to get my bargain hunter of a wife to stay on target. Yet I love shopping and it’s always fun with her too. I enjoyed the local food and dried mangoes are the best in the world. No, I really mean that lol! I loved the pineapple drinks that come with every takeaway meal. I know that the price of a Big Mac meal is half what I pay here. Yet they always give a little satchel of cheese powder to sprinkle on your Hot chips-French fries.

If you get a chance to travel around, I would suggest you try a trike or a jeepney or use the app on your phone and install Grab. They are a taxi company like Uber. I think the most we paid was about 700 PHP at peak hour. Yet normally it was less than 350 PHP. You do not pay by the KM or time in the car. When you log into the app you type in where you wish to go. And your GPS does the rest. It’s a simple app to use. Traffic is unbelievable. It’s crazy. It took us about 2 hours to travel 14 km one day. Others it took 25 to 45 minutes.

I could say more about the islands we saw and honeymoon on and food.  What I can say is just relax and never be in a rush. All ways give your self a crap ton extra time to do things. You will be glad that you did. Hot weather and a bit of rain can zap your energy. So, take a drink with you. All so some wipes just in case you need to go to the toilet=CR. Ask for a Comfort Room. That took a bit of getting used too. Lol.

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