Mt. Mago Resistance Climb 2019, Hosted by MC Outdoors & Apparels

Outdoor Literacy is to welcome new people into outdoors and let them know the basic need to do as mountaineers. (MC Mercs)

I admire the attempt of education and teaching of the basic fundamentals that are required to have a successful hiking/camping/campaign by MC Outdoors & Apparels.

I’ve been thinking about and pondering, why Filipinos are getting more vibrant in outdoor activities. The expense of outdoor activity is negligible, we have an amazing country to explore, you have the opportunity to have a physical fitness in your life as well as it teaches you how to set goals and set limits to your body. And it all depends on the person how they want to do it, such as trail running, hiking, bushwalking or site seeing.


On that sunny afternoon, a group of aspirant and enthusiast gather and started a meet and greet. One of my friends invited me to join Mt. Mago Resistance Climb 2019. 

Details by: MC Outdoors & Apparel


Carmen Cebu Philippines

Day 1 Saturday, Feb 16, 2019

1000HRS – Meet up Danao City city Mall
1100HRS – ETA to Brgy. Pili Jumpoff
1200HRS – ETD to Brgy. Pili Jump off Area
1230HRS – Quick Lunch
1300HRS – Start Trek
1700HRS – ETA Mt. Mago Campsite
( Set up Camp, Prepare Dinner)
2300HRS – lights Out

Day 2 Sunday, Feb 17, 2019

0600HRS – Wake up Call / Bfast
0700HRS – Break Camp
0800HRS – Start Trek Descend to Santican
0900HRS – ETA Brgy. Santican
0930HRS – ETD Durano or Uragay Spring
1000HRS – Ligo Time
1200HRS – Lunch Time
1400HRS – ETD to Carmen Market
1430HRS – ETA Carmen Market
1500HRS – ETD Cebu City
1700HRS – ETA Cebu ….

Plete : 270pesos
Cebu – Danao : 40
Danao – Bgry Pili : 100
Santican – Uragay Spring : 50
Uragay Spring – Carmen : 35
Carmen – Cebu : 45

Food : 200pesos
Day 1 Pack Lunch, Dinner
Day 2 Bfast, Lunch

Entrance Uragay Spring : 50pesos (Optional)
Brgy. Donation : 20pesos /each


52712890_347408899439704_4754923057489903616_n (1)
We took this jeepney heading to Brgy. Pili Jump off Area. Since the number of participants did not meet were able to perfectly fit inside the jeepney.

One of the advantage in joining an event is you will be able to set your budget since you’re in a group. This was my first time joining an event with a different wonderful group of hikers in Cebu. We even have a guest participant from Luzon, who has been hiking for more than 20 years. It took us more than an hour to reach the jump-off area. Unfamiliar and interesting faces excites me as we stayed inside the jeepney. Different people and topics you’ll hear. If you’re not in a group all you can do is to observe and eavesdrop.

A hiking we will go.

After we had a short welcoming and introducing among ourselves we started to descend and everyone made fun about the first part of the trail was already a semi-assault. The heat of the sun and my loads made me exhausted after an hour. Though it was my first time to take the trail in the northern part of Cebu, I did not expect what scenery will I encounter. The formation of the mountain hills, the amazing scenic from afar will overwhelm your soul. I was very delighted when I started to take some photos and videos along the trail. Some of them was looking at their best spot and angle to take good photographs. While laughs and good conversation will be heard from the other side.

From afar, Mt Mago’s peak was already visible.

This part of the trail was my favorite spot ever since I saw this online. I was in a hurry to run from this part and asked one of my companions to take a photo. In total, we had four smoko before we reach the campsite. It was so amusing that half of the group was in confusion of the trail as we almost lost track of the other group. Funny thing about Filipino culture is being talkative everywhere we go. That trivial out of trail was fun and tricky because it was supposed everyone’s favorite “the downhill part”but we need to get back to the right trail and make sure everyone is on the right track.

The water source along the trail.
The final stop before we reach the campsite. (Kunting push-nalang)

Finally, the most awaited part, reaching the campsite. I had my afternoon coffee first before we decided to prepare for our dinner. Everyone went back to the water source to fetch some water. While the others take their time to rest and prepare for their dinner.

Afternoon coffee everyone?

Upon arriving we set up our gears and tents so that we can take our short snap. The coffee I had that cold afternoon was not enough for me not to take a nap.

Everyone’s busy preparing their meals and taking a short nap.

After everyone had their dinner, we then gather and get to know more amongst ourselves. It was a great night full of fun and surprises as our event host has a great sense of humor. To our surprise, there was even raffle draw for different hiking gear like head buffs, Colombia dry fit shirt, north face shorts, etc. When the group conversation ends, some of them stayed the night to chill and talk among another. Other’s went to sleep because the cold night’s inviting. In my case, I had my migraine attacked at that night so I was forced to sleep and rest for tomorrow activity.

Awesome morning but the sun is not up yet.

I felt restless early in the morning because of my headache. However, when I went out the weather was overwhelming and cool. Though I need to avoid coffee in that morning the cold morning breeze made me shiver. I’m lost with the foggy morning in front of me and I am waiting for the golden hour as I stand in the middle of our campsite.


Around 6AM everyone was busy preparing their breakfast. In my case, my companion prepared our breakfast and I prepare my things to pack up later on. While some are busy with their breakfast and packing up their things, our host encourages us to go to the peak. To my excitement, I hurriedly went out, grab my phone and this regard my stuff.

And the peak of Mt. Mago did not disappoint everyone.

When we’re about to reach the peak of Mt. Mago, we discover that you can also have your campsite near the peak. Although the clouds were not a lot it made everyone’s mood vibrant and glowing. The scenic in front of me put a great smile to my face and I’m so happy that one of my companions volunteered to take a photo for me.

“When I woke up my morning was s black and white. Now all I see is color
Like a rainbow in the sky.” Please click me.

Now we’re all packed up and prepared to ascend going back home. Not everyone will take a short side trip to Uraguay spring as some of them have a commitment. I also decided not to join because of my headache. Our host was busy at that moment and we did thank the group who organized this wonderful event. I was given the chance to meet different individuals and learn a lot from them.

The boundary between the Municipality of Carmen and Tuburan, in the northern part of Cebu.

Along the trail, we meet some groups on their way to the peak and some of them just started their hiking as we almost reach the jump-off. But wait, one thing that caught the group’s attention. We saw an awesome view to take some photo and rest for a while.

I admit I’m a sucker for a jump shot! And I’m delighted as my companions were a sucker for a great jump shot too. We had a great time taking a perfect shot and it was so perfect. I have never been so blessed to meet different people who I share the same interest. Because of my hobby for over two years now, I can say that this year is full of surprises.

It’s good to be alive!

This was the last spot to take our best shot! Some of them cascade all over the place to find the perfect angle. While the other’s started to go on first so that they can haggle motorcycle going to the main road. It will take us less than an hour heading to the main road. When we arrived at the jump-off the motorcycles were lining and we need to prepare ourselves for another jumpy ride adventure.

Mt. Mago, till next time. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the organizer especially Team Laktud for welcoming everyone with this event. This was the only event that did not ask for an event fee which gave me high regard with their admin. Keep it up! See you in the trail.





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