How Can I Fix Self-Doubt?

“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” ― William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure

Self Doubts? Confidence? 🙂

How do I overcome self-doubt? Looking into my own life I foresee and understand what all the naysayers in life are telling me. If you listen and take on board all the information these people are blasting at me, I will go bat shit crazy. So much negativity is bad for anyone. How should we combat negativity? This is easy if your able to identify who and what is bad for yourself. Recognize your feelings then look at what is altering them right now. If you do this you have a pair of choices. To remove this person or job or place out of your life and start fresh of all the outstanding burdens. Or let them stack up on top of yourself and drown in sorrow.

How do I approach success?

Who’s going to achieve their goal? The person who is looking for the goal post, like in a soccer game in which they see the goal and know that they can achieve it. Or the other person which has a goal post set so far away which they can’t even see it on the horizon. Is it a fantasy? Or a realistic goal? That is the biggest question ever. To succeed in this lots of small goals need to be achieved, to hit realistic goals, you need to focus on them. If you set fantasy goals you’re going to stagger and fall and be disheartened.

New thought for the day!

I ask myself this question often. Can I see my own personal goals and then give myself an effective evaluation? Is it possible to be a good self-critic? Then all of us including me struggle with what we want versus what we really need and to be able to set realistic achievable goals. I have learned having a simple but achievable plan makes it easy to score goals and do it more often. Instead of having a complex plan and failing to even score. Sometimes I get tackled and goals go against me. So, I know what to do. Yet I need to train my self in how to do it. This is a day by day thing and plans are always altering constantly. So, I think to focus and dedication is how you score more often. Thought for today! “This thought for the day is inspired by someone who is legally blind/visually impaired.”

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