Mt. Lanaya : Women Empowerment Climb (Chasing Summits Event)

Proclamation No. 227 s. 1988 providing for the observance of the Month of March as Women’s Role in History Month.

Chasing Summits, Empowering women thru outdoor activities. Women’s History Month is an annual declared month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. (source)


What an amazing day.  Our climbing troop had our meet up at the south bus terminal. It was my pleasure to be invited to climb one of the exciting trails in the southern part of Cebu. Who would have thought that I will reach Mt. Lanaya because of Ej, one of my companions during my first major climb located in Negros Oriental.

Legaspi Multipurpose Barangay Hall. Landmark drop off, and meet up for our guide.

Before we hit the trail, we need to drop by at the barangay hall to meet our guide and have ourselves registered to make sure that the local leaders have records for those who will go camping.

We went hiking on Mount. Lanaya. It was especially a hot afternoon when we arrived. We found ourselves looking for something to drink, be it water or a bottle of soda.  As our organizer busiest himself while dealing with the local officials, concluding and refining our schedule making sure that all names had been taken down and verified for safety reasons.

I found myself nearby the shoreline.  Surprisingly the comforting calm water of the ocean shivers my soul as I am looking beyond its horizon.  Amazingly. I find myself whipping out my iPhone. To my surprise I felt compelled to take photos and a short video of the place before I head back and bought some chips and an extra bottle of water for tomorrow.  I love it when I get emotionally inspired to feel at one with the earth and I just need to take photos.

The barangay captain conducted a short briefing before we had the registration.

The trail was pretty easy.  We walk towards the concrete road before we reach the first level of the mountain. The weather this day was stifling hot. This caused a lot of us to be easily winded and short of breath. Rest periods happened often.

Now we’re all set and ready to hit the trail. But wait, it’s too freaking hot and my loads were too heavy lol.

Legaspi trail is very photogenic and popular with hikers. The sunsets are unforgettable and spectacular. Some would say astounding.  especially when you view Tañon Strait. The Mountain called Lanaya’s is 700 metres above sea level. Mount  Lanaya’s  stands almost at stark contrast to the surrounding mountain ranges near it. The mountain is defined by forest-covered, knife-edge slopes facing the west, on to the Tañon Strait., along the national highway.  You can already see its summit composed of a rock formation the locals call Kalo-kalo Peak.

As we started our group trek along the trail pass, our group come upon a truly delightful backdrop.  This was a perfect place to take some selfies and group photos together.  As all adventurers find themselves overwhelmed with the beauty of the land and we spent too much time taking photos.  Right then we realized we needed to move out in double time if we had a chance to get to our campsite before sunset.

j8upTdJM (1)

I want to give a great shout out to my friend Maria. The reason is she is an exceptional photographer that is happy to share her natural ability with me. Maria has a talent of making technical jargon simple and easy to understand.  So, the next time I have an opportunity such as this, I will be able to increase my own knowledge and improve my own photos. This was the golden hour for photography.

Favorite part, thanks a lot to my companion for this wonderful photo.

We then set up base camp number one.  If we had hastened ourselves earlier, we would have been able to set up at base camp two, that’s right on the summit.  Our group celebrated that night to their own detriment.  Yep hangovers where prominent in the camp. Only 5 resolute people got up at 4.30am to hit the sum it assault.  This is a gruelling and climb.  However, it’s my own favourite and I would not miss it at all.

Let’s dance the night away. Thanks to JD for this awesome group photo.

We stopped after an hour and made a small rest camp. It was not far to go now. This was a perfect time to remove my jacket because I was boiling inside of it.  I continued on and with a surprised gasp I saw a spectacular view.  Both the landscape looking out as well as looking up to some massive boulders that looked astonishing.   I asked the guide to take a video for me as I climbed up and perusal the world around me.  I found this an extraordinary spiritual moment.  Looking over the majestic ocean and back over the path I had travelled.  I found true calmness and tranquillity. This can get very addictive to one’s soul, I think. I can not really say much more than come and see it yourself and decide.

Reaching Mt. Lanaya’s Summit

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Chasing Summits: The event was posted on their Facebook page on March 5, 2019, details are the following.

Day 1 – Sunday, Mar 10

0900 – Meet up at South Bus Terminal
0930 – ETD for Alegria
1230 – ETA at Alegria. Register at barangay hall
1300 – Start of trek
1700 – ETA at campsite/set up camp
1800 – Prepare for dinner
1900 – Dinner and socials
2200 – Lights off

Day 2 – Monday, Mar 11

0430 – Wake up call. Trek to summit.
0530 – Arrival at summit. Watch sunrise.
0600 – Trek back to campsite
0700 – ETA at campsite. Prepare breakfast.
0800 – Break camp
0830 – (Optional) Trek to Mainit Hot Spring
1100 – Lunch
1200 – Take bus back to city
1500 – ETA at south bus terminal


Food- P150 (each)

Fare- P350 (roundtrip)

Guide Fee- P500 good for 5 people per day (additional P50 on the next day)

Entrance fee- P50 (each)


Mt. Lanaya’s Official Guide, Kuya Noel. You can contact him thru this #09977929342.

At the conclusion of our expedition after we reach the summit. We prepared breakfast, bacon, ham, luncheon meat,noodle, dried fish and rice. Then we broke camp. Our next port of call is in Malabuyoc and it took 1/half hours to arrive there.


We arrive in Malabuyoc and we spent some time at Mainit hot spring. Eight of us decided to continue to the waterfall which is about 10 minutes away from the Geothermal springs.


We we’re three minutes away from the waterfall and the cave. As we approach I had a better view of the entrance of the cave and we can hear the water plunging down. At this time I was feeling inspired to run, because I was very excited.


The thermal conditions were changing because of the waterfall spray. You can a refreshing shower underneath the waterfall and someone could a photo or video of you. At  this time my battery was running low and I put it away and I just the ambiance of these waterfalls and mountain.

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Until I see you again, Mt.Lanaya.







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