Stepping Stone Of DOOM!

Today’s adventure was really enjoyable.  I have travelled it 4 times before and I knew what challenges where coming right up.  Such as, jagged rocks, slippery surfaces that are difficult to climb on a normal day and some big boulders that force you to zig and zag around them. You need to think about your pathfinder and take care not to slip. I would suggest you have good grippe footwear. I know that you need to have a positive outlook and be determined to have a successful hike. To gain personal feelings that you have mastered this tough terrain.

IMG_4771 (1)

The group relaxed first after a gruelling week at work. We assembled our party of hikers from my work place and one of my old work buddies’ Reymart.  I all so included my friend Juan our guide.  Juan and I always go on hikes together when there organised via the city link up. A good trusted friend of mine. So, we planned our camping at night and from there to head out on our hiking campaign.





We arrived at the campsite around 7:30 in the evening. We had to get a move on and make haste if we were to witness the special event tonight.  Yes, it was the change of the phasing of the moon known as waning gibbous. It was breathtaking and it stole my breath and enchanted my senses.

After setting up camp and cooking noodles for dinner and talking about what we just witnessed we settled down to sleep. Approximately at 4.30am in the crisp chill air that only morning brings I got out of bed to set up the iPad to take some time lapse photos.   I prepared some beverages and made sure of my positioning on the rock facing Cebu. Some other campers all so got up to see this glorious event too.

IMG_4776 (1)

After breakfast we struck camp.  We then did some emu bobbing and collected all the trash in the camping site and bagged it to dispose of later. We all so call this plugging.  We started on our trek after disposing of the rubbish and recharging our water consumables.


Our group directed its self toward the water falls.  Juan is our guide and leader. We followed his directions on safety since we needed to pass over rivers and tough terrain.


I and our leader stayed toward the back of the party to help those that needed it.

IMG_4985IMG_5099IMG_5101 (1)

I can say at the end of the path one of the people called Prince spoke about his climb and his expectations and the feeling of achievement.  The thing is even two hardened very fit people felt like quitting. One of them tripped and bruised his legs at the water fall but he held onto the rope and made it safely home. How ever the other gentleman wanted to go home but he had no choice but to continue on. He was so glad he did at the end. They both have fond memories of pushing their body’s and achieving something.

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