I Will Conquer: Budlaan To Kan-Irag Warriors


And I won’t bow, I won’t break. No, I’m not afraid of you whatever it takes
I’ll never bow, I’ll never break. ‘Cause I’m a warrior
I fight for my life-like a soldier. All through the night
And I won’t give up, I will survive. I’m a warrior. (Ävril Lavigne)

This week-end I thought about inviting some friends from Facebook and my regular buddies. Start time was 7.00am. There were some new faces coming out with us this time. One of them had Asthma so we made sure she had her meds with her to keep her safe and her name is Decdec .

Decdec did outstandingly well to keep up with our pace. The emphasis was on achieving our personal goals on this trail. Our group was in no rush. This gives you a good opportunity to visually devour the scenery. We got to know Decdec as we travelled along the path.

Reymart is first and I bring up the rear to be on overwatch taking care of our little group like a mother goose. I have travelled this path before and I do recall that the river was dry and empty. This was a perfect time to take a break and relax and as my Aussie Husband says “Take a smoko.” Yes, photos were taken and we mingled with a different group that was there at the same time as us. We then reach the popular waterfalls however to our chagrin it was dry and empty. We all felt a little flat at this time.

However, we did have a new path to climb and to explore now. We had two ways of climbing up. the hard way or the easy way. The easy way does have a fee of 20 PHP. The hard way is not recommended for beginners. However, it’s a truly amazing route to follow if you have advanced hiking skills and your fit. This part leads up to some easy hiking paths later on. It took us about 3 hours to get to the community area where we had our lunch.


We were so overwhelmed that we found a family that treat us for lunch and we dined together with them.

Our last destination is going to the highest peak of Cebu City, called Sirao Peak. So, we began our new journey. The heat was stifling and we needed to rest and eat some snacks.  There had been some fires here before that had left their mark that we were able to see. The site had no people there at all till some nice Asian students turned up.


The Student had a nice DSLR camera with him. It must have been heavy to carry all this way; however, he was able to capture some awesome photos.

We joined together with  Asian students.  Three of them were Korean and a Taiwanese. It took us less than an hour to get along and we decided to visit one of the popular temples near the peak. They shared their photos with us.


We are grateful and   so lucky that we’ve got good quality pictures because of them. Thanks lads.  What a great day!

In conclusion I all so feel happy for my new friend that is challenging her body and ailment and having success too. Total success!


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