Chilly Nights: Chalet Hills & Mt Cebu View


My idea is to get away from the hum drum of life and away from the city lights, so I can rest in peace and sleep deeply like the dead. I found myself on that Saturday night craving for the night breeze in the mountains. And the nearest campsite to go camping in Cebu City is at Chalet Hills, located in Babag Busay, Cebu.

When looking at traveling expenses you will find getting a jeepney and linking them up to where you want to head is about one-third the cost instead of a motorcycle. As you already know traveling via motorcycle some times they will not give you a price upfront. In our case we took a jeepney with the code 04H and only paid 7 peso each.  The jeepney has its last stop in Nivel Hills. From there we took another jeepney and paid 15 peso each. We had our stop at Mountain View and from there we started walking to the campsite. It took us 45 minutes walking up hill and that’s around 2.2 kilometer in distance.

Chicken Curry for dinner folks!
Movie night.

Today I have my regular group of buddies’ I love to hike with. They are, Reymart, Maria, and Juan our guide.  A true blessing was as we arrived, we smelt chicken curry been cooked and it was for us. Thanks.

After dinner Juan had a few beers and he needed to head off to bed whilst both Maria and I watched a movie on the Ipad. Reymart was busy talking to her girlfriend over the phone before he joined us.  The breeze was Divine and the stars glowed brightly. However, it was truly nice to settle down in the tent and look out over the city lights too. We got to bed very late that night. We got up with the sparrows at 5.30am.  Sadly there are too many trees to get good shots of the sunrise.

Our Trail Master.
Cold Morning.
Woke up like this!
Groufie muna bago mag breakfast.
The redhorse nailed it!

Juan was pretty knackered so we prepared the breakfast before we woke him. Since we struck camp a bit late, we altered our path and bypassed some water falls.

Wild Berries!

Reymart had to leave because of work. So, we hit the trail.

The beautiful trees had flowers on them that looked like cherry blossoms. It was all so a very stinking hot day while walking the trail.

Yet as all travelers are looking to take some photos, I identified a location that had an awesome bolder that was pointy and it looked a bit dangerous but it was a nice place to take some photos that all so overlooked the city. I have not seen any one with photos taken from here before. So that’s really awesome too.

We took a different route going toward Serenity Farm. We found and had more photo opportunities and grabbed them eagerly.

I found this while we lost the trail, this chicken was visible at first but when it suddenly moved I quickly grab my phone and capture its best moment. 

When we got down to the farm and our departure point, we looked for a place to rest our feet and relax.

Credits to this lovely lady for my awesome photos! Kudos!
Our very supportive nonstop trail master!

As we did so we bought some mango ice-cream.  It’s sold by street hawkers that love to ring their bell.  Its traditional fair and everyone likes ice-cream, right?


My fantastic Chalet night ended with a blast of ice cream. See you in my next trail.

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