Holy Week, Camp Out: Mt Mago & It’s Hidden Cave Underneath

My mind is running in overdrive right now. I am missing someone so much its distracting me so very much. I need a remedy to push back this fuzzy nimbus of distraction right now.  A tactic that my big bear spoke about to me was to focus on a passion that I have and glory in the release of happiness and battling real world challenges that I can nail and complete. It was a pleasant hot summer busy morning at home when I decided to spent my Saturday night in Mt. Mago. The mountain is located in the northern part of Cebu, and considered the highest peak in the north. I was very excited to have this long 5-day week-end to remove my stress. I needed to work my body hard so it will recalibrate my state of mind.  This Easter is always a public holiday here. I grabbed it with both hands and rejoiced and began this journey.


This will be my second time in this mountain and I reminded my companions to bring the necessary things that will keep them warm. The contrast between night and day is true. Especially when your trying to sleep but your teeth are chattering and your shivering because of the cold.

It was nice to have the same team leader I traveled with last time in Mt. Mago. Reymart and I are still together for this trip and my default hiking friend called Jujane. We met a new companion name Maricar, plus E-J.  We have been on some serious climbing before together.

Master Mers is a master chief in organizing food drink and all the accoutrements to do with camping etc.

We paid P150 each for our food and water. The fare for motorcycle that will take us to the jump-start cost P100 each. The guide fee cost P100 each and for our side trip the next day in Uraguay Spring the entrance fee is P50 each. As well as the bus fare that’s P45 each a total of P500 for this expedition.


We started the trail after lunch and it was too scorching hot when we reached the jumpstart. It was an open trail and you can see that some part of the mountain had some trace of fire. We even panicked when we saw a sudden fire on the grassland of the mountain.


To ease our exhaustion because of the heat of the sun, we had our short stop in a big cave to take a quick dip. The cave was located somewhere on the trail but not really noticeable for everyone. We had a great time swimming on the cold spring inside the cave. We resumed our hike after an hour so that we can set up our equipment before sunset.

Our arrival was perfectly timed and after everything was set up, we went to the peak and witness the breathtaking sunset. Considering Mt. Mago is the highest peak in the North, we were able to see the highest peak in Cebu, as well as the highest peak in Negros Island. The sky was really awesome as the sun sets. A combination of orange, pink and blue filled in the sky.  Maricar one of our companions literally cried because of its beauty.


When we went back to the campsite the dinner was ready, it was a nice meal that we shared. After dinner we gathered in the middle with our shivering feet because it’s already cold and started talking about today’s spectacular panoramas and sunsets.



My alarm rang and it’s time for me to set my phone and camera to awaken and prepare to meet the brand-new sunrise and bask in the upcoming moment of beautiful sunrise. This mountain both has an amazing sunset and sunrise. That’s why I consider Mt. Mago as my favorite campsite to go on camping because the temperature and beauty surrounds it awestruck my soul. It will truly capture everyone’s attention once the sun starts rising and the temperature on top are really breathtaking and physically different to our body clock of understanding temperature stimulants, at the same time having our visual cortex blasted with this magical moment. Times like this just can not be forgotten. There is so much going on and this moment in time is priceless.

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Time to break the camp after breakfast and travel an arrived in Uraguay spring around 10 am. We did not really stay longer in the spring after we took our lunch because the place was too crowded.


In conclusion, this adventure was full of fun as always because Mers is the kind of person that will make you laugh out loud most of the time. He was natural in telling jokes and funny stories. The group that he manages must be very lucky because their leader has a great sense of humor.


Fantastic! See you in my next trail.


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