Foressa Adventure Trail

Welcome to my back yard. Yes, the Philippines. It has mountains and jungles, a fresh water springs that flow into crystal clear lagoons. There are so many trails to take and follow to hidden destinations of beauty.

On today’s hike I have some colleagues from my old job and some new friends coming out on their very first trail hike. Some of our crew do not have the right gear and are caring to much weight. Hiking is about learning the craft. It’s all so about understanding what you can leave behind safely.

We know that we will be having the option to take one of 3 trails. The last trail is the most advanced and difficult trail.

 Foressa, AboitizLand’s 250-hectare master planned mountain community just an hour and a half away from the busy city of Cebu.


This weekend’s adventure should take place in Mt Mauyog. A goal I wanted to achieve is to hit the peak and take some photos. The reason is the landscape was rocky and unusual, it attracts a lot of hikers for this reason. If you decide to come here bring some PHP because there are a lot of fees and hidden costs that you will not know about. Such as guide fees. You will have choices of course when it comes to price and who you pick.

To reach our destination we took a Hire from Ayala Center Cebu’s terminal that cost P120 per person. We contacted the place thru Facebook to inform them of our impending visit. The entrance fee is P150 each. Guide fee for the group is P250. There were three level of difficulties: Beginner Trail which is 4.30 km, Explorer about 6.50 km and lastly the Adventure Trail that we chose about 10.70 km.

The trail stimulates everyone because it’s a combination of river trekking and majestic water-falls. You will discover and find them in the middle of the trail. The trail is established and our guide was alert and always made sure that we went the right way.


When we reached the waterfalls we found a group of people swimming. As much as we wanted to enjoy going on swimming. The precipitation just kept falling and we wanted to see deeper into the cave where the water fall erupted from. Unfortunately, we needed to move on. It kept on drizzling rain, we moved and found some shelter and the rain stopped.


We had an awesome lunch. So, we settled down and eat our meal together and spoke about the day so far.

Unfortunately, there is construction of a village that I believe it will be finished very soon. We were unsure if we were able to still go on this hike. Everything turned out ok but who knows what will happen from now on. You should do this hike soon before development ruins this mountain.  Everything goes well and we had some fun finishing the whole 10.70 km. We finish strong and bold for almost three hours. I promise to come back because we did not have a great time at the waterfalls because of crowding.

Meet my companions

Someone’s too excited when we arrived the location. 
Rica Chu’s photo of the day.
Jujane’s candid scripted photo. Lol!
Reymart’s handsome moments. 
Our Prince on trail. 
Before I cut my hair short.

Here are some of my companion’s thought for this adventure.

Foressa Mountain trail experience was a mixture of adventure and fun! I was not expecting something like that would happen. I just thought we’ll go somewhere and tried to do what @thecebuanaph loved doing. That thought definitely didn’t help me a lot because the moment we started, I got hit by the reality that I’m going to do the very “first trail” of my life and I don’t have any idea how to do it so I died, joke! At first, I felt like dying because of the unending surprises in Foressa but along the way the people who shared the same agony (in a good way lol!) was having fun. I thought again to myself, I’ll definitely do this again with these bunch of adventurous and crazy individual. Thank you, beautiful people, for the unforgettable experience. Love it so much! (Rica Chu)

Foressa is a nice little getaway if you want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city but on the downside, a big portion of the forests had been scraped to make way for building new villages while you’ll have a good view of the city while also looking over the very thick green forests once you end up in Sirao from Budlaan. (Prince)

Cheers, see you!


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