Stretching My Legs In Mindanao

We were knackered when the plane landed in General Santos International Airport. It was my first time when I visited Mindanao, the second largest island in the Philippines. The Philippines is composed of three main islands, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.


Mindanao is the southernmost island. Among the three main islands, Mindanao is regarded as having the warmest temperature with an average of 29 Celsius during summer months. Mindanao is home to three sultanates: Maguindanao, Maranao and Sulu. Ethnic lumad or ethnic tribal groupings comprise a sizeable portion of the population. (source)

If you plan to visit Mindanao I would suggest that its mandatory to do your research about the city or municipality. For all of my friends which is Caucasians, as well as African American there will be places in Mindanao that should be totally restricted and very dangerous for you. However if you are a Filipino you will be able to blend in perfectly fine. You will need to obey all the requirements of the law eg., military check-points, police check points and curfews. Due to the curfew you are unable to purchase foods or products such as, food, water etc. So it would an excellent idea to stock up some emergency supplies, such as cup noodles, chippies, snacks, a can of beer etc.

Dole Farm facing Mt Matutum @ Polomolok General Santos


The vast expense of this pineapple farm is amazing with the backdrop of the volcano. I was excited to take some photos as well as the tricycle fare was only PHP 15 to get here.

Tupi Blooming Sunflower

I was ecstatically happy since yellow is my favorite color. I felt like a princes while I was walking around admiring all the photogenic options I had in the farm.


Lake Holon & Mt Melibengoy/Mt Parker


Morning shot crystal blue sky, I was amazed at the true colors of the lake and the sky.


Oh nana nanay Maria, it sounds like a song doesn’t it? Truly this person was a fantastic guide explaining traditions as well as their own personal Filipino dialect. The price to hire a guide is PHP 600 for 5 people. This money helps to support her family’s education. There are 60 guides on this mountain and you be will chosen in order of rank so you may not meet my friend. Other extenuated fees such as, motor tricycle will be PHP 450 for two people going to the mountain and PHP 350 return to the mainland. Government fees/tourism tax is subject to change, approximately PHP 300 each. There is an option to hire a porter for your things and that’s PHP 20 peso per kilo. Please give a tip!

T’Boli Homestay, School of Living Tradition

This was something I learn about in school. Seeing the traditional style of dress, clothing and musical instruments made my heart sing, seeing everything in real life is so much more exciting and real world life encompassing experience.


Lake Sebu’s Lotus Blooming Flower

“MTG” Black Lotus?. The real world has a Pink Lotus.


To witness a pink lotus you are required to be at Lake Sebu before 9 am. I had mix emotions because of the time of the day being early in the morning. As well as riding a small boat for the first time ever. My quest was to identify the pink lotus! Now it was time to use my Mystic powers to transform myself and blend into the background of the pink lotus flowers just like a chameleon. With my dress from Australia given from a family friend.


Evalandia Lake Vista, Facing Lake Sebu, Mt. Apo & Mt Parker

This is the name of the resort Evalandia Lake Vista. This establishment is very picturesque, its amenities are restobar, cottages, and picnic area. Entrance fee is PHP 30.


I had a great posing for some photos and enjoying the comfortable environment and setting.


Lake Sebu 7 Waterfalls, Level 1

When I was standing and watching the first level of Lake Sebu’s 7 waterfalls, my hearing was crashed by the amount of noise as well the ferocity of the water.


Lake Sebu 7 Waterfalls, Level 2: Wearing TBoli’s Traditional Clothing

As I was striding out of the souvenir shop. Then I approached the viewing deck in the traditional outfit of indigenous people. I felt like I was time shifting back into the past. We had an awesome opportunity taking photos instructed by the T’Boli kids.


Lake Sebu Zipine, Highest Zipline In The Country

Before you go on this zipline have some spare underwear. The reason, you have to sign a waiver just in case you plummet 180 meters to your death. Costing PHP 350. My objective is to get to the landing side without embarrassing myself too much. Right now there is only jungle that I can see and my objective is to land safely then explore. As well as receive my professional photos. Please take USB drive or prepare yourself to get a CD with your pictures in it, inclusive fee.


Pink Mosque

Do you guys like creepy stuff? Because today we went to the Pink Mosque, where there was a massacre of 58 people killed ten years ago.


My friend and I was surprise to learn that the pink mosque was design and developed by the mayor who is female. By the way, pink is her favorite color. This is one place a Filipino could come to but not advice for Foreigners because of the poverty and the inherent danger.


Grand Mosque In Cotabato City

This is a lovely city but it intimated me because of the bombing which was happening at that time. The community is 80-90% Muslim and I felt like I was a stranger in this city. I discovered my dietary needs a different to this community. So if you do come here bring a good supply of food that you like and be prepared for their curfew, this means you will unable to buy a food even though you wanted to.

This Mosque was sponsored by the Sultan of Brunei. It’s value was approximately PHP 300 million. Dress requirements are different from what I expected you are required to wear an appropriate clothing which you can rent. Please be diligent and respectful. I enjoy taking some photos with my phone,using a timer.


Asik-asik Falls

Traveling from Midsayap and going to Alamada cost PHP 1200 for two people. This was a two hour journey, I would suggest that you take protective clothing against dusk from the motorcycle considering 65% is surface and the other is not.


Today I was sitting on a big rock, not being a chameleon. I was admiring a very vast wall of water cascading down into the depths. On this stinking hot day I had stripped down into my bikini allowing the feathery waterfalls mists to caress my body. And allowing me to admire the rainbow hue at the same time.


Lovin my content? If you have questions please feel free to send me a message or put your comments below. Cheers!



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