Insidious Cancer Survivor, Breast Cancer

This amazing woman which is 87 yrs old is a survivor of breast cancer, for the last 21 years. In today’s life we all take for granted the medical Technology and the abundance of drugs that keep us healthy. Today I was privilege to listen to a conversation with this person speaking about breast cancer and being a survivor for such a long time, and how grateful she is to be walking on the earth today. She spoke about the blessings of still being alive today as well as expressing herself in such a positive way. Exclaiming the point of view of a lot of people today how we think we are hardly done by, such as all the first world problems as such as what color IPhone I should buy. Considering there are thousands and millions of people struggling today to have three basic meals and hot and cold running water as well as shelter to live in. These people are also survivors. We should keep the battles we can and adjust to the toxic world we are living in right now. And keep a positive outlook on life!


Published by Makino

Let's run away and explore the beauty of madness. Makino is into adventures, love's hiking, swimming and outdoor activities. Into interesting topics and discussions and passionate in learning new things. She's a teacher by profession and suddenly fell in love with outdoor activities. This blog serves as her diary and she's hoping to inspire everyone to see the beauty of our creator's goodness.

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