Only For An Open Minded Hiker: By Bisaya Traveler Unprejudice Open Trail

I was surfing the internet one day and discovered a Blogger that made a huge difference to my blogging and it kick-started my own life of travel too. Thanks to The Bisaya Traveler.

Then finally the day come I met Aldrich. He invited me twice and I was not able to join them in his first invitation because I’ve got sick. This time I’m all up to his adrenaline open-minded trail. Our destination is to reach Mt New Bucao in Toledo in a different route. When you join Aldrich hiking adventure you should be punctual and prepared. I found him a little bit intimidating at first because he looks shy and preserves. Together with us are his usual hiking buddies. It seems to me that he likes hiking with a specific number of companions.

We reach the starting point 2 hours from the mainland. The weather was good and we prepared our things and bought some food. We need to take a motorcycle from the market going to the jump-off. For a complete itinerary of our journey please visit Aldrich blog.

Photo credits: Thanks Aldrich, this is an insanely amazing view on top.

The starting of the trail was easy and we are not really exposed from the heat of the sun. However, along the trail was too hot and tiring. I forgot my cap that can cover my face from the heat of the sun. The elevation of the mountain was getting higher and tougher. This made me realize that joining Aldrich adventure is not an easy peasy trail.

This is my favorite photogenic part of the trail. We were lost for a moment and we were able to cope up. Thanks to our awesome guide!

He brought a Go-Pro and a DSLR camera. In the middle of the trail, we found a photogenic spot to take photos and take a rest as well eat our lunch. There were times that we were lost but Aldrich was able to manage it.  Now I understand why he said that “are you an open-minded hiker?” Because he loves exploring places and creates his own trail. We reach our final destination around 3pm. I take my time exploring the school of Mt. New Bucao and talk with some kids playing at the ground. We took some snacks before we finish the whole trail.

They found love, Aldrich and his usual hiking buddy.
My usual buddy, Makky and his first tough hiking here in Cebu.
Amazing view on top!

The whole experience with Aldrich adventure was tough and tiring. I learn new techniques and I found him enchanting. His passion for what he’s doing is inspiring and full of fun because he has good friends with him along the trail. He is very passionate and humble. It was an honor to meet him in person. Now it hit me that we really won’t know who will influence and inspire us as we go along for our passion in life.

Bisaya Traveler with the squad!

To get to more about BisayaTraveler you will find him through his website.

Happy Travels! Here’s my photo’s in Mt New Bucao, photo credits (Bisaya Traveler)



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