Mist Of Tinubdan Falls In Catmon Cebu

Suddenly a mist fell from my eyes and I knew that this day will be a great day to start a wonderful journey. It was an exciting Saturday morning when my colleagues from my previous job invited me to go for an adventure. Our main host Laarni,brought her red Toyata Vios for the convenience of our trip. Because they consider me as a travel junkie, I am assign to choose our destination. They fetch me at my work place and bought a mcdonalds for our breakfast. 

It was already late in the morning when we decided to go north since traveling in south will take time because of the traffic. Everyone is expecting for a waterfall adventure so we choose to go to Catmon and chase Tinubdan falls. This waterfall went viral last year because of its unique formation. The waterfall is not accessible for everyone. Its location is 15 kilometer from the main road. The road going there is narrow and there is an area that needs precaution.

It took more than 3hrs to reach our destination because we had our short stop @Danao City, an hour away from Catmon. When we reach the corner where we had our left turn heading to the waterfalls the road was challenging. There were several stops because we need to ask some locals where is the waterfalls.


We found a picturesque landscape to take group photos in the middle of the mountains. The concrete road was very challenging because it will only fit two vehicles. When we finally reach our destination we need to walk. It was a 15 minute hike going to the waterfalls. When we heard the stream everyone got excited. We were hungry when we finally arrive. Instead of going to the waterfalls we prepare our lunch first. 

I am on my bikini and head first to the waterfalls. My companion took some videos for me before we hang out together and have fun swimming. The waterfalls were very refreshing and relaxing. There are lots of photogenic angles to take some photos. There are some people as well having a great time together with us.


The good thing about Tinubdan falls is its location. Less crowded and the place is very clean because the owner live nearby. The tourism wanted to promote and seek for changes in the place but the owner don’t like to destroy and sell his property. I commend him for preserving the place since it is also one of the main water sources of the community. 

We decided to go home around 3 in the afternoon. Everyone was pretty tired. We were able to drop by at the near beach resort which is called Km 46 and had a great time taking good photos.

We also need to rest because my friend who’s driving got tired. It was a great and exhausting adventure going out with the girls. I’m very delighted that they like our trip and we decided to do this again once everyone is available in the future. Happy travel!

How To Get There:

  • catmon
    Applicable to those who have vehicle: we look for this intersection, specifically JM Poultry to have our left turn going to brgy Tabili. Where Tinubdan Falls is located. We kept on asking locals going to the waterfalls. You may drop at this point and look for a motorcyle (habal-habal) to reach the waterfalls. (Leave No Trace, mga laagan) 🙂


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