Two Places At One: An Amazing Road Trip To Cebu’s Highest Waterfalls, Mantayupan Falls And Unexpected Refreshing Resto Along The Road To Carcar, Cebu

When somebody is trying to bring you down they have a problem in their own life and they have their own motivations to do so. You can only feel sorry for somebody like this. And it’s not for you to judge or opinion right or accuse or say anything bad back to them just except it and move on it’s the safest way and it stops the arguments.

In the midst of my emotional distress a friend of mine is struggling a problem and want to forget it for the meantime. As a saying goes everything happens for a reason, then we’re on a road trip nowhere. It was late in the morning when we decided to go to the south of Cebu. While we’re on her scooter, I’m thinking of a good place to visit to refresh both our minds. We’re busy talking when suddenly Matayupan falls pop up in my mind. It’s not too very far from the mainland to take a quick dip and enjoy the scenery going to the falls. We came up for an agreement going to the falls. In 2 hours we arrive in Cebu’s highest waterfalls.

Entance fee is 40 php and 20 php for parking fee.

Before we reach our destination, we went to Carcar’s market to buy half kilo of lechon (roasted pig) and hanging rice (poso in local) for our lunch. We even bought a crispy pork skin called “chicharon”for snack. Finger food is the most convenient if your traveling to save time as well as it’s hassle free.

Mantayupan Falls


Enjoying Mantayupan Falls Spectacular View

The Entrance
Heading to the hanging bridge
Lunch time with San Mig Flavor
Nature heals our broken soul

Unexpected Refreshing Resto Along The Road To Carcar, Cebu

On our way home, we did not expect what we found along the road of Carcar, Cebu.

Chek out Lukee’s Milk Station
I only spent 25php for this view
Cheerio my friend, thanks for this wonderful road trip. 

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