Do you know what it’s like to be in front of a rock concert? Every time I watch YouTube and witness concerts that I really love and enjoy, it reminds me of when I was there in real life. With the booming bass and the smells and the screams and the activity of the live show as well as the performance of the singers makes me feel free like a bird. It takes all the burdens and it gives me happiness and contentment. Even though I’m wrecking my hearing. Music is in blood and my soul.

Paramore’s comeback concert in the Philippines was on February 18,2018 but got canceled on February 16, 2018 due to the lead singer Hayley Williams condition. The lead singer explained that she was “fighting a throat and upper-respiratory infection and the team decided to reschedule the concert on August 23, 2018. The team has been flying a LOT for this tour and it will take time for Hayle Williams (Lead singer) to fully recover. See the Ticket Prices:
P8,000 VIP
P6,890 Patron
P4,876 Lower Box A
P2,756 Lower Box B
P2,300 Lower Box Standing
P1,855 Upper Box
P1,325 General Admission


Concert Day

Can you feel the bass thumping through your body? As the crowd cheers and screams and react to the lights and video projectors seeing Paramore come out on the stage. The emotional wave of cheering, screaming and yelling increases exponentially. The crowd is now going ballistic. Paramore’s showmanship, as well as their dance routine, inspires the crowd into a frenzy following along with Hayley’s singing.


I wanted to go to this concert so very badly. However tickets were sold out. I was blessed to received a call from a college buddy stating they were unable to go to the concert because of rescheduling issues and they wanted to know if I wanted to buy the ticket. At first, I said no because I had to sell my little sister into slavery to afford the ticket until then I was unable to go. 🙂 Everything work out, two thumbs up!


Work hard, play hard but save your money for times like this.


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