2019| Three Outstanding Island I Visited This Year

How I do I come up with these three island as my most favorite islands at this time. I paused and pondered on this topic. I rattled my synopsis paths and then I had my epiphany. As all these amazingly cool adventures exploded into my mind and I was struggling to write them down in any semblance of order. On the top of my head these are my top three which I really enjoyed travelling to.



The first island that I really enjoyed visiting is called Boracay. Some of the reasons I like visiting this island are, the amazing sunsets, as well as the delectable charmingly blue crystal water and the bright fine warm sand on the beach.

Station 2, Boracay Island
Don’t miss Puka Beach
Station 1, Sunset Viewing
Water activities available during sunsets.

Mararison Island

This island of Mararison has some beautiful topographical vistas. The turquoise ocean is truly transparent and the sea breeze is like lovers touch. So soft, so gentle and so smooth.

On top of the hills of Mararison Island, facing Mt Madjaas
Enrique De Mararison Resort, Sunset viewing.

Camotes Island

I really enjoy Camotes Island because the are some interesting activities that are available to people on this island. For example people that love caving, cliff jumping, kayaking, swimming, scenic photography= sunset.

Pacijan island, San Francisco.
Instant buddy, his nickname is perry boat 😀
All over again, at Lake Danao.
My favorite beach since 2016, Bakhaw Beach in Esperanza.


These are my favorite three islands which gave me fun memories of my adventures of 2019 :D.

Beach Madness Passion Reviews Wandering @Camotes Island Western Visayas

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