The Five Most Interesting Provinces I Travel To This Year 2019

Here are my top five listed provinces, Antique, Benguet, Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-tawi. When I was packing to go on my adventures I had to pack my travel kit to accommodate airfare as well as traveling by boat. The first thing I pack was my bikini except for one trip that it is not required in Benguet.



Traveling to Antique this water baby required her bikini, it was mandatory. I found Antique really tranquil and pleasant. Discovering and enjoying with the diving platform was so much fun. In La Escapo Resort you’ll have an opportunity to use a sauna in a unique way. Ask the locals all about it and how to use and they will assist you. I had a really pleasant memories to travelling Antique.



I required cold weather gear in this climate. In Benguet I chase one of my goal which was climbing Mt. Pulag. After this I hit nailed my goal of climbing Mt Pulag which gave me a self gratification and the feeling of achievement. As well as positive memories which and a sense of a favourable outcome which I never forget. Fond, fond memories always.



In the province of Basilan I really enjoyed the climate because the humidity is way more temperate  which allows you to keep your energy high, so that you can participate in lot’s of activity such as swimming, beach activities, island hopping, photography, sunset hunting and chasing waterfalls. My most of transport were small boat, tricycle, motorcycle and van-hire or UV express. I had lot’s of mini adventures whilst discovering the coconut trees, rubber trees, crabs and a beautiful mountain resort owned by the Mayor of Malamawi. All these things added together give me fun memories and turned my brain into a banana with discovering all these beautiful natural scenery. There are so many to describe and to list them all. Most excellent adventure. 🙂




In the province of Sulu I had a very interesting engagement with multiple people such as, policemen (2nd MP 2nd PMFC Sulu PPO), navy staff, tourism officer and security forces as well the opportunity to almost to meet the governor. The rumor says the governor is very handsome. 🙂 I can honestly say that all of these people were genuine and sincere as well as extremely helpful, extraordinary funny. All these guys made this trip totally awesome. I got to witness a pearl farm in action. We went swimming on a secluded beach by ourselves. I had the opportunity to turn into a Rambo. The Sulu province has a unique culinary attitude towards food as well as consuming it.



On the province of Tawi-tawi you will discover delicious seafood that I really truly do miss. This province is truly relaxing and laid back and calm. If you have the opportunity to go and explore for an adventure you will have the opportunity to discover antiquities and history. I run out of budget and I want to experience more. Coming back soon. Cheers! Happy New Year! See you on the flip side of 2020!

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Remember to keep you can tin fold and sunburn cream on your face. 🙂



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