Hiker’s Haven: A Secluded Haven For Campers

Blow off the city humdrum. Saturday I had an epiphany which was, to invite my friends hiking. I discovered a secluded place that was enjoyable camping location. I log in to Facebook and let my fingers do the walking. This is when I discovered Hikers Haven, and I preceded to book this location. I ponderedContinue reading “Hiker’s Haven: A Secluded Haven For Campers”

Wave goodbye to your regrets| Live Life To The Fullest & Always Look Forward

“Things that happens in the past needs to stay in the past. There is nothing that we can change about history.” Looking back and doubting and questioning yourself is nothing but negativity. You need to change gears turn this vehicle around and aim the opposite direction. Set yourself some achievable realistic goals. Then go forContinue reading “Wave goodbye to your regrets| Live Life To The Fullest & Always Look Forward”

Tuburan|I Was Tapping Into My Internal Lara Croft

The 18th of January of 2020 I went on a hiking excursion. During my travels I listen to a Ghost-Mythical story which was a pretty legendary story. This really peek my curiosity and I had to go investigate. If I you want to learn more please check on this link.   Stage III – The MarmolContinue reading “Tuburan|I Was Tapping Into My Internal Lara Croft”

The New Boracay: My First Sponsored Trip

Believe in me? Sponsored-ship assistance? If you’re lucky to have a truly dedicated sponsor that has good morals and a pure set of values that incorporate you coming to his establishment, and sample The New Boracay Hidden Treasures. It’s really nice to find someone with integrity and a generosity to make all this happen. IfContinue reading “The New Boracay: My First Sponsored Trip”

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Have you ever jump in the water enjoying yourself swimming and then realize how far away are you from the surface, I NEED SOME AIR RIGHT NOW! Some people are anger and drag you down in life. This is not a good thing when you’re trying to swim and you’re getting pulled under water. I hadContinue reading “A Breath Of Fresh Air”