A Breath Of Fresh Air

Have you ever jump in the water enjoying yourself swimming and then realize how far away are you from the surface, I NEED SOME AIR RIGHT NOW!

Some people are anger and drag you down in life. This is not a good thing when you’re trying to swim and you’re getting pulled under water. I had too many people pulling me in multiple directions to do things that they wanted to do with their own objectives. These objectives did not align in my own objectives and I found myself in a true quandary-problem.

Therefore I took a hiatus from Facebook to clear my mind and focus on the things that I personally wanted to do. I needed to think about who falls in to the category that are the same as my own personal goals. When they align together I’m in harmony with no stress. If I follow everybody else agenda my life goes down the toilet with a lot of stress on top of that. So I have a chance to more selective to the personal things I wanted to do.

I still appreciate everybody, it’s just that I need to focus on my personal objectives to make myself happy, instead of trying to appease the whole world, it’s truly impossible. This why I took short hiatus.

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Let's run away and explore the beauty of madness. Makino is into adventures, love's hiking, swimming and outdoor activities. Into interesting topics and discussions and passionate in learning new things. She's a teacher by profession and suddenly fell in love with outdoor activities. This blog serves as her diary and she's hoping to inspire everyone to see the beauty of our creator's goodness.

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