The New Boracay: My First Sponsored Trip

Believe in me? Sponsored-ship assistance?

If you’re lucky to have a truly dedicated sponsor that has good morals and a pure set of values that incorporate you coming to his establishment, and sample The New Boracay Hidden Treasures. It’s really nice to find someone with integrity and a generosity to make all this happen.


If you blind yourself with beauty come check this out! Pristine beaches, water activities, diving, snorkeling etc.

Boracay reminds of the west Indies. It’s a very laid back culture which has beautiful beaches and the opportunities to watch the surprisingly amazingly full colored sunset. Whilst doing this you sit on your bum down on the beach with a few drinks that you have consumed at one of the local bars earlier because you’re unable to bring drinks on the beach itself which makes it a very clean beach. A perfect place to ponder your navel. As well as the meaning of life the answer of everything etc.



If you’re super enthusiastic as well as an artistic person your camera will be working overtime.


“Unbelievable dream”

To be, or not to be: that is the question: “Hamlet”


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