Tuburan|I Was Tapping Into My Internal Lara Croft

The 18th of January of 2020 I went on a hiking excursion. During my travels I listen to a Ghost-Mythical story which was a pretty legendary story. This really peek my curiosity and I had to go investigate. If I you want to learn more please check on this link.


Stage III – The Marmol Cliff

This was the 3rd place I visited this day. I discovered, I had a really sore butt from riding a motorcycle that last an hour on a very bumpy trail. When we got to our destination there were some spectacular opportunities to use our cameras. Using the light to get our best shots refracting off the marble cliff face. I know for a fact that this place is truly dangerous because of the terrain as well as the tidal influence on this area.



Stage I -Really Awesome Landmark- Grand Old Tree

This iconic tree is called “Dao Tree locally” . Botanically called Dracontomelon Dao , common name is  the Argus pheasant tree or the New Guinea walnut tree. My mind was blown to discover the diameter of this tree is seven meters. We were fortunate enough to meet a 70 yr old local travelling the same way as us and knew the location of this tree. Which is only a 3 minute detour of the highway-walking. There’s no way in hell we would have found this place by ourselves. You will need a guide if you come here. The tree had its root system well an truly embed into the creek. There were a lot of detritus among-st the roots of this ancient fellow. Personally I was pretty intimidated by the immenseness of this grand old tree.


Stage II- Secret Hideaway – Atabay Peak

In the town of Tuburan we sort information about this hideaway and got accurate directions to it. I would advised you to do the same because it’s rather difficult to explain it in words. We discovered as a group of three people on a single scooter that the road and trail we follow angelated up and down causing us all sorts of interesting problems together. It was like a roller coaster ride in some certain places. 🙂

On our arrival at the destination we found that you required appropriate climbing equipment. The limestone formation has a unique style. Please see the photo to get a better understanding of this area.


The Last Spot- The Blue Lagoon- Blue Hole

The locals call this place The Blue Hole. The water is quite deep and it shines a spectacular crystal blue. It also changes to a beautiful emerald green when the tide changes. Giving you some beautiful and amazing photography opportunity. The best part of it’s location is just near on the edge of the road. It’s two kilometers away from the downtown.


In the conclusion of this story I had a fabulous time exploring these different areas. If you have your own personal transport you will find it a lot easier. If not public transport from places to places is required. Be safe on your adventures and take appropriate footwear for climbing and some swimwear for swimming.


Yours sincerely, Confused Adventurer.



  • The fastest is to take a V-Hire (Van Express) from the terminal of Ayala Mall, Cebu City.
  • V-Hire Fare = 160 php
  • Alternative: From North Bus Terminal, take a Ceres Bus Liner.
  • Bus fare _ 130 php
  • Motorcycle Fare from the downtown going to Atabay Peak = 50 php per way
  • Motorcycle Fare to Marmol depends on the Driver so you need to haggle the price because of its location.
  • Ask the local’s in the downtown on how to get to the Blue hole. In our case we have a motorcycle.
  • Be a responsible traveler/adventurer.
  • Respect the nature and keep your trashes with you.
  • Enjoy and always ask the locals if you’re not sure about the location.








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