Hiker’s Haven: A Secluded Haven For Campers

Blow off the city humdrum. Saturday I had an epiphany which was, to invite my friends hiking. I discovered a secluded place that was enjoyable camping location. I log in to Facebook and let my fingers do the walking. This is when I discovered Hikers Haven, and I preceded to book this location.

I pondered over Itinerary and come up with:






I put my game face on and prepared my body and soul to track into this beautiful sunny weather. As we got closer to the waterfalls the temperature cool a little and it was time to strip down to my bikini and take a dip. After a refreshing swim we discuss where to head next and decided to go crabbing down near the river.


Then hike all the way to Hiker’s Haven it took two hours hard work. We were all fatigue after swimming and going up to the campsite as well. All our stomach are grumbling and complain.


All photos taken were from the next day morning because when we arrived at the campsite it was already dark and rainy.


When we reach the campsite we run around the campfire and performing a ritual of cooking and we devoured our prey.


The morning breeze was so calm and refreshing.


As everybody is taking a night siesta digesting I spoke of the owner of the Hikers Haven. We told war stories about our adventures and I discovered we had similar and point of view and I’m envious of the retired couple of the things they achieve in life. They’re still happily doing this as often as they can adventuring.


My pleasure to meet Mr & Ms Esquerion. The lovely owner of Hikers Haven.



At the sparrow fart at dawn we started our hiking adventure.Today our objective is to head back home 😦 First things first however, we needed to look at the map which the owner of Hiker’s haven and determine our route and set our way points. Way point one following specific trail leading to the first road. Focusing on the map and we spent 20mins climbing and hiking we discovered an old shanty which was empty. Not long after we had a huge confusing decision to go left or right!


After I made an executive decision to go left we had a very enthusiastic rough ride over some extraordinary terrain which included slippery, wet, rocky terrain. We were surprised and gratified with our personal achievement.We also had lots of opportunities for some photography at a man made forest and a flower farm. And we hit our next way point number two. From way point two we follow the road going down to Babag road.



In conclusion I didn’t have to pull out my revolver and shoot everyone for disobeying me. Personally I had a fantastic time with awesome hikers that supported in my leadership choices and it was a truly life experience for me being team lead. I gain lots of confidence from this expedition.


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Let's run away and explore the beauty of madness. Makino is into adventures, love's hiking, swimming and outdoor activities. Into interesting topics and discussions and passionate in learning new things. She's a teacher by profession and suddenly fell in love with outdoor activities. This blog serves as her diary and she's hoping to inspire everyone to see the beauty of our creator's goodness.

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