Wave goodbye to your regrets| Live Life To The Fullest & Always Look Forward

“Things that happens in the past needs to stay in the past. There is nothing that we can change about history.”

Looking back and doubting and questioning yourself is nothing but negativity. You need to change gears turn this vehicle around and aim the opposite direction. Set yourself some achievable realistic goals. Then go for it and take the challenge of life on and enjoy yourself.

I promise you looking forward is always better than looking backward. If you’re always looking backwards you’ll run into a tree and crash and burn.

So keep your eyes on the road think positive and you will always have a smile on a dial..


Published by Makino

Let's run away and explore the beauty of madness. Makino is into adventures, love's hiking, swimming and outdoor activities. Into interesting topics and discussions and passionate in learning new things. She's a teacher by profession and suddenly fell in love with outdoor activities. This blog serves as her diary and she's hoping to inspire everyone to see the beauty of our creator's goodness.

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