Bamboo Camp| Shivering Nights At Mt. Kalatungan

“I am panting heavily and my heart beat erratically. I suddenly feel that the surroundings around me is somewhere beyond my imaginations because I’m seeing unusual things.”


We assembled our troop together and departed into the mossy forest. The temperature was 15 degree Celsius and quite chilly. My cardio system and my breathing were all getting push to their limits. Considering the altitude we were are at oxygen was very limited and made it extremely hard to breath. I would suggest if you’re asthmatic not to do this climb. One of symptoms I discovered personally was hallucinating and imagining unusual things, I was also feeling dizzy, nauseous and feeling that I will collapse.


Yes this is altitude sickness, and at this time I was saying prayers and ask him for blessings to help me. My mind was going off like a shotgun in all sorts of direction. I was wondering if I was going to get off the mountain alive. On top of this I was thinking about if I did pass away on this mountain I didn’t want anyone to get the blame for it.

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If you think you’re prepared add an extra 25% of security e.g do even more research and prepare better. Such as first aid kit, cold weather gear, thermal equipment etc. Altitude sickness effects everyone in different ways.

I took two thick socks and some inadequate gloves I thought they’re good but they were crap, they maybe adequate for some climbs but not this. I would recommend purchasing a balaclava to keep your head and face and ears warm. Considering 90% of your body heat is lost through your head. Especially when you’re sleeping.

You will require cold weather equipment that is light and durable but it needs to have high quality thermal resistances. I am talking about thermal underwear, gloves and even a balaclava. This will negate most of the chill factor but not all of it. Quality equipment can only help so much. The variable conditions can surprised anyone in a bad situation. This is why it’s a fantastic idea to hike with qualified climbers.


The Anak Ng Lasang Mountaineers with Mr Eric Garcia from Dauntless Outdoor Services. Kudos to their organizational skills and taking care of the team for this event.


It is a requirement and it would be foolish to disobey you instructors or leaders. It’s their job to keep you safe as well as the staff. I’m sure they do not want to come save your stupid ass for doing something stupid and getting themselves killed at the same time. This is a team effort.


We’re so much grateful that we successfully survive the cold shivering nights in Bamboo camp as we then proceed to the next Mountain going back to the jump off area.


I’m grateful to be home and alive and safe and well.  


Climb date was on August 1st to 4th of 2019.


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