Tuburan|I Was Tapping Into My Internal Lara Croft

The 18th of January of 2020 I went on a hiking excursion. During my travels I listen to a Ghost-Mythical story which was a pretty legendary story. This really peek my curiosity and I had to go investigate. If I you want to learn more please check on this link.   Stage III – The MarmolContinue reading “Tuburan|I Was Tapping Into My Internal Lara Croft”

Only For An Open Minded Hiker: By Bisaya Traveler Unprejudice Open Trail

I was surfing the internet one day and discovered a Blogger that made a huge difference to my blogging and it kick-started my own life of travel too. Thanks to The Bisaya Traveler. Then finally the day come I met Aldrich. He invited me twice and I was not able to join them in his first invitation because I’veContinue reading “Only For An Open Minded Hiker: By Bisaya Traveler Unprejudice Open Trail”

Foressa Adventure Trail

Welcome to my back yard. Yes, the Philippines. It has mountains and jungles, a fresh water springs that flow into crystal clear lagoons. There are so many trails to take and follow to hidden destinations of beauty. On today’s hike I have some colleagues from my old job and some new friends coming out onContinue reading “Foressa Adventure Trail”

Holy Week, Camp Out: Mt Mago & It’s Hidden Cave Underneath

My mind is running in overdrive right now. I am missing someone so much its distracting me so very much. I need a remedy to push back this fuzzy nimbus of distraction right now.  A tactic that my big bear spoke about to me was to focus on a passion that I have and glory inContinue reading “Holy Week, Camp Out: Mt Mago & It’s Hidden Cave Underneath”

Chilly Nights: Chalet Hills & Mt Cebu View

My idea is to get away from the hum drum of life and away from the city lights, so I can rest in peace and sleep deeply like the dead. I found myself on that Saturday night craving for the night breeze in the mountains. And the nearest campsite to go camping in Cebu CityContinue reading “Chilly Nights: Chalet Hills & Mt Cebu View”

I Will Conquer: Budlaan To Kan-Irag Warriors

  This week-end I thought about inviting some friends from Facebook and my regular buddies. Start time was 7.00am. There were some new faces coming out with us this time. One of them had Asthma so we made sure she had her meds with her to keep her safe and her name is Decdec . DecdecContinue reading “I Will Conquer: Budlaan To Kan-Irag Warriors”

Stepping Stone Of DOOM!

Today’s adventure was really enjoyable.  I have travelled it 4 times before and I knew what challenges where coming right up.  Such as, jagged rocks, slippery surfaces that are difficult to climb on a normal day and some big boulders that force you to zig and zag around them. You need to think about your pathfinder andContinue reading “Stepping Stone Of DOOM!”