Complacency and Climbing At Mt. Pangasugan


Happy climber as we start the trail along the fluvial stream of Mt. Pangasugan.

Hi everyone I’m still alive! And it”s good to be alive 🙂 On my last expedition e.g mountain climbing, @Mt.Pangasugan I had an accident. I was the 4th person of 12 people in the group which was scaling a very rocky and treacherous terrain when I had my accident. To my shagreen I discovered there was a camouflage rock which decided to give me a journey of a lifetime. I stepped upon it then discovered myself plummeting towards the rock with my face. 😦 This is when a miracle happened, I felt like somebody had grabbed me and twisted me so I landed on my side. However there was nobody in my vicinity to make this happen. I found myself on a wicked toboggan ride with no control. I was bless and very lucky for my backpack to become a land anchor. My backpack acted like a grappling hook and it retarded my descend. After I had stopped this extraordinary descend, my friends came to my aid. At this time my body is surging with adrenaline which counteracted the pain I was in. I was also in shock and awe. Then I got on too my feet. I look up at the mountain and I was feeling very intimidated.


This is where I fall! About 10-20 meters free fall.

I have learn a lesson and I now have the utmost respect for any mountain climbing and hiking trails no matter the skill level required. After taking a 15 minute rest spell we continue our journey. My reflection on climbing and hiking has been change forever. Every time I look at my broken phone I reflect and think this could been my face and not the phone.



I also had in my left arm and left part of my chest and stomach.

Full blog is up soon. If you’re interested to climb Mt. Pangasugan, the best person to contact is Mr. Rhyan Baldicana, contact no.  09753882919. (Or contact thru Facebook)

If you can’t reach Mr. Baldicana, see the additional contact person.

Boy Noy Calatrava- President Of Farmers Organization -09362966465 and additional guide- 09651844446 – Mr. Filbert